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  • landry lig
    Dear Neighbor and Art Lover, If this is your first time hearing about the Gabonese American Community & Cultural Center (GACC), I invite you to visit our
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 31, 2010
      Dear Neighbor and Art Lover,

      If this is your first time hearing
      about the Gabonese American Community & Cultural Center (GACC), I invite
      you to visit our website and becoming familiar with our exciting programs,
      exhibitions and events. I also encourage you to visit our website often as we expand
      opportunities for all to connect with area and international artists along with
      learning more about their creative processes.

      The GACC is a 501 C (3) organization and a
      public charity (Not for profit) currently located in Germantown, MD, whose mission
      is to bring both American and Gabonese arts into the life of our communities
      through arts education, art appreciation and community outreach. The GACC wishes
      to inspire children in our communities to become the greatest painters, artists
      or sculptors of the 21st century. Did you know the legendary Pablo Picasso incorporated the
      ceremonial masks of the Fang tribe (Ngil Fang) into his groundbreaking cubist
      work, “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon in 1907-1909”?
      (Picasso was inspired by many
      kinds of arts including the African art).

      According to Christies (the world's leading art business)
      and the Smithsonian Institution, African art embodies one of humanity's
      greatest achievements--fusing visual imagery with spiritual beliefs and social
      purpose. Its technical achievements and artistic perfection bear witness to the
      creative ingenuity of its makers. Religious beliefs and cultural ideals find
      artistic expression not only in masks and figures created primarily for
      ceremonial purposes, but also in the utilitarian objects of daily life.

      Although we are proud to be the world’s
      very first Gabonese American Community and CulturalCenter, we are still motivated to provide our community with a new
      facility that houses a wonderful art gallery with exhibitions that feature
      local, regional and international artists. In addition to our gallery, we are determined to provide studio facilities
      for our art, dance, music and classes.

      Your support is needed for this
      worthy cause. Because of the generous contribution
      and involvement of our members, we are determined to move to a new site to
      provide free and unique arts education and outreach programs to an increasing
      number of people in our community, including isolated seniors and children with
      special needs. Please consider supporting the arts in our community through
      your Tax-Deductible Gift to the GACC, attending one of our many exhibitions and
      creative arts events. Thank you for your support. Together we can make a

      Landry Lignabou., MBA., MEd.,
      President & Founder
      Gabonese American Community &
      Cultural Center (GACC)

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