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1World Beekeeping

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  • beekeeperflorida
    May 24, 2007
      World Beekeeping
      Howdy Group
      I just started a Yahoo Group. My intent in started this group is to
      enable Beekeepers from around the world to share information that
      will be a benefit to us all no matter where in the world you are.
      I sincerely hope that we as keepers have a united bond that will help
      us keep the ancient art of beekeeping alive and well, so we can pass
      it on to the future keepers.It is our duty as beekeepers to make sure
      we are on the cutting edge, so we are able to handle any situation
      that we encounter.It would be great to have Beekeepers like you share
      your valuable knowledge with us and how you deal with everyday
      beekeeping. I believe it will be very exciting experience to hear and
      learn from those who live in other parts of the world on how they
      deal with their beekeeping techniques, situations and practices.
      I invite every keeper no matter if you are a just starting out, to
      the most advance keeper. We need all of you to accomplish this
      I could not find the forum rules section here, so I'm not sure if
      this message will be allowed. Sorry if not.
      Assuredly, my intent is not to take keepers from this forum, but only
      to provide another way to learn from those in other parts of the
      I would be delighted to have you post your forum info at World
      Beekeepers. We as keepers have a need to exchange valuable
      Please join.


      High Springs, Florida USA
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      Or visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/worldwidebeekeeping