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Today here, tomorrow in the charts!

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  • ken_d_ch
    Hi! Back with some new vinyl promos! Let����s start with a new face in the world of pop: Lilo����s Everything is a nice popsong with a latin touch.
    Message 1 of 657 , Aug 16, 2000
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      Hi! Back with some new vinyl promos!<br>Let�s
      start with a new face in the world of pop: Lilo�s
      "Everything" is a nice popsong with a latin touch. That�s what
      hits are made of!<br><br>"Disco Down" (House of Glass)
      is another classic hit in a fresh costume. It sounds
      really fantastic. The Bini Martini Mix is my fav. Really
      cool!<br><br>Carlo Carita and Angels of Love feat. Carole Sylvan
      presents "Better than before". If u listen to this track,
      u really feel better than before. I like the strong
      voice of Carole and also the chorus. The Funky Attack
      Mixes are ....., yes, funky. What else?<br><br>The
      Party Mix of One Track Mind�s "I like u" sounds like
      Shaft�s hit "Mucho Mambo". But the Funky Bizniz Mix is
      more different and also faster and has got more
      power.<br><br>The Italian duo Fun Fun comes back with the hit
      "Baila Bolero". I remember that I danced to this song
      over ten years ago. Now there are two brilliant
      Almighty Mixes. So let�s dance again!<br><br>Aurora�s
      second single is called "Ordinary world". A quiet trance
      track with guitar samples and a thin female voice. But
      nevertheless it isn�t boring and could be used for a chill out
      party.<br><br>I'm not sure if the next group is called Versus, but
      the song is called "Hold on (I�m coming)". Yes,
      you�re right, it�s also a cover of an old hit. But it
      doesn�t sound old, no, it�s good, fresh
      stuff.<br><br>Sorry, I don�t like Bon Jovi, so I�m glad that there�s
      Jackie O�. Because her version of "It�s my life" is a
      cool dance track with a pumping rhythm. And there�s
      even a bonus on the vinyl promo: a dance version of "I
      try". Superb!<br><br>Chris Bangs feat. Rita Campbell�s
      "Warm weater" sounds very summery and interesting. A
      bit of trance, a bit of pop, a nice voice, a lovely
      melody, some guitars: that�s the Original Mix. But there
      are also three oter different mixes and they are
      worth to be listened.<br><br>2step lovers will love the
      next track: The Funk Squad Remix of Raze�s "Break 4
      love". I don�t like it at all and hope to find better
      mixes.<br><br>And now at the end some new cd-singles they are out
      in the UK or in Switzerland:<br><br>It sounds like
      Aqua and it�s of course Aqua�s new single "Bumble
      Bees". The K-Klass Mix and the Hampenberg�s Pop Mix are
      wonderful and should be played in all the clubs. I even
      like the Sharp Mix. What a miracle!<br><br>Hi-Gate�s
      "I can hear voices" is a cool trance track, a worthy
      successor of "Pitchin�".<br><br>Amanda Ghost�s "Glory Girl"
      is a slow, but lovely song, but there is a new remix
      of "Filthy Mind". I only can say: WOW!<br><br>U like
      the Corrs, but u find their songs a bit boring
      because thy are too slow? Okay, here is a new version of
      "Breathless". Natalie Browne�s dance version is mixed by
      Almighty and a sure hit.<br><br>Domenica comes from
      Germany. Her song "Gotta let you go" is mixed by famous
      DJs like DJ Tonka, Phil Fuldner or DJ Antoine (a
      Swiss!). The song was already in the German charts and it
      may enter one day the UK charts.<br><br>C u next
    • ken_d_ch
      Here are my brand new promo charts with six hot new entries and a brand new number one! KEN S PROMO CHARTS 2002: 15.Blank and Jones (Dreams) Last
      Message 657 of 657 , Feb 27, 2002
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        Here are my brand new promo charts with six hot
        new entries and a brand new number one!<br><br>KEN'S
        PROMO CHARTS 2002:<br><br>15.Blank and Jones (Dreams)
        Last week: No13<br><br>14.DJ John Julius Knight (My
        Mind) NEW<br>This is a two-track vinyl promo with two
        funky and grooving disco tracks. I prefer "Dancin'in
        paradise" to "My mind". But I must say the tracks aren't
        really exciting. <br><br>13.Alcazar (Sexual Guaranteed)
        Last week: No9<br><br>12.Cher (Song for the lonely)
        Last week: No4<br><br>11.Faithless (One step too far)
        NEW<br>UK dance act Faithless combining with Dido - this
        should be an exploding mixture. Maybe it is, but the two
        remixes that I have can't convince me. The Absolute
        Beginners Mix really sounds as absolute beginners made it.
        Only the Alex Neri Club Instrumental Mix can convince
        me although there are only a few vocal parts of
        Dido. But I hope that there will be better remixes
        sooner or later.<br><br>10.DuMonde vs Lange (Memory)
        Last week: No7<br><br>9.One Track Mind feat. Angie
        Brown (Good for you) NEW<br>This track is good for you
        if you like deep house. The main mix is really cool
        and for the clubs. The other two mixes, however,
        aren't really interesting (Hand Up
        Dub/Reprise).<br><br>8.Shaun Escofffery (Into the blue) Last week:
        No6<br><br>7.Natalie Browne (From here to eternity) Last week:
        No3<br><br>6.Darren Hayes (Insatiable) Last week:
        No3<br><br>5.Enrique Iglesias (Escape) NEW<br>Don't escape! Listen to
        this track, you won't be disappointed. On this US
        double vinyl promo you can find a Thunderpuss Club Mix
        and a Giorgio Moroder & Fernando Garibay Club Mix,
        both are great. After Enrique's "Hero" this will be
        his next chart success. By the way, the other mix by
        Minge Binge isn't very special.<br><br>4.Benefit (Sex
        sells) Last week: No2<br><br>3.Funky Green Dogs (You got
        me burning up) NEW<br>Yeah, this track got me
        burning up too, specially the pumping and powerful DJ
        Asle Extended Mix. But the three other mixes are also
        worth to be listened, for example Olav Basoski's mix is
        excellent deep house. Funky Green Dogs have already
        conquered the US clubs with this track and I'm sure they
        will do the same in the UK.<br><br>2.Anastacia (one
        day in your life) Last week: No1<br><br>1.Heist
        (That's the kind of man I am) NEW<br>That's the kind of
        music I like: fantastic dance sound. Of course, the two
        great mixes are responsible for the high quality of the
        track. First there's a 3AM Mix which is fabulous,
        secondly there's another excellent mix made by Almighty.
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