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Ken's 16th Promo Charts 2005

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  • ken_d_ch
    Ken s Promo Charts 2005 Out: Lindsay Lohan, Offbeat, Ciara feat.Missy Elliot, Quartzlock and Stereo Stars with Mia 30.DNF vs Rozalla (Everybody s free 2005) 28
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2005
      Ken's Promo Charts 2005

      Out: Lindsay Lohan, Offbeat, Ciara feat.Missy Elliot, Quartzlock and
      Stereo Stars with Mia

      30.DNF vs Rozalla (Everybody's free 2005) 28 CD Promo
      Radio Edit/Feelgood Mix/Feelgood Dub

      29.Sandy Lamb (Easy No Man) 27 CD Promo
      Soul Seekerz Club Mix/Soul Seekerz Tribal Dub Mix/D-Bop Mix/Full
      Phatt Remix/Radio Edit

      28.Jenna Lee (I'm so excited) 25 CDR Promo
      Original Mix/Shanghai Surprize Remix/Radio Original Mix/Shanghai
      Surprize Instrumental

      27.Black Rock feat. Debra Andrew (Bluewater) 24 CD Promo
      Radio Edit/Vocal Mix/Instrumental/The Lvefreekz Vocal Mix/Ernesto &
      Bastian Vocal Mix

      26.Marie Miller (Can't slow down) 18 CD Promo
      Stonebridge Hooky Dub/Mark Picchiotti's Funky Dub/Tandu Remix

      25.3Am feat.Tracey Cole (Somebody told me) 21 CD Single
      Almighty Mixes

      24.DJ Peter Presta feat. Bonse (Totally hooked) 20 Vinyl Promo
      Peter Presta's More Than A Vocal Mix/Presta & Little's More Than A
      Dub Mix

      23.Rocco (Generation of love) 19 CD Promo
      Vocal Trance
      Club Mix/Tune Up Mix/Special D Remix/Lee S Remix

      22.Friday Night Posse vs Gabrielle (Greams) 17 Vinyl Promo
      Dancepop/Vocal Trance
      Extended Mix/Stonebridge Remix/KB Project V Lee S Mix/Dancing Divas
      Remix/Dance Assassins Mix

      21.Big Tunes 2 (Living For The Weekend) 16 CD Promo
      Vocal Trance
      Rocco (Generation of love) Friday Night Posse Remix/ALX (Have it all)
      Lee S Remix/Climax (Everywhere 2005) Uniting Nations Remix/Insight
      (Do we have to say goodbye) Cheeky Trax Remix/Piano Pirates
      feat.Jodie (When the morning comes) A Little More Donk...

      20.California (O.C.) 13 CD Single
      Chino Club Mix/Futureforce Club Mix/Pianoman Club Mix

      19.DJ José (Hecitate) 12 Vinyl Promo
      Disco/Vocal House
      Club Mix/Adhesive Mix/Flip & Fill Mix/Dance Assassins Remix/Club Mac
      Zimms Mix

      18.Freemasons (Love on my mind) 15 CD Promo
      Vocal House
      Club Mix/Dub Mix/King Unique Remixes/The Sharp Boys Royal House Mixes

      17.Richard F feat.Samantha Stocks (Let the sunshine thru) 14 Vinyl
      Vocal House
      Original Mix/Chosen Few Remix

      16.Robbie Rivera & Stonebridge (One eye shut) 11 Vinyl Promo
      Vocal House
      Stonebridge Remix/Robbie Rivera's Original Mix/Superchumbo's iD Mix

      15.Yes vs Max Graham (Owner of a lonely heart) 10 Vinyl Promo
      Max Graham's Sidechain Remix

      14.Poker Pets feat.Nate James (Lovin'you) 9 Vinyl Promo
      Vocal House
      Original Mix/Behrouz Remix/Raul Rincon Remix/ATFC Remix

      13.Sun (Without You) 4 CD Promo
      Vocal Trance
      Motivo/Antillas Club Mix/Eric Kupper Club Mix/Pete Lorimer/29 Palms
      Extended Mix/Tony Moran & Jody de Broeder Extended Mix/Peter Presta
      Dub/Eric Kupper Dub Mix/

      12.K Klass feat. Rosie Gaines (Dance with me) 7 CD Promo
      Extended Vocal Mix/Club Mix/Mauve Vocal Mix/Mauve Dub/Main 12" DJ
      Spen & The Motherfunkaz Mix

      11.Stonebridge featuring Isabel Fructuoso (Clorophilla - Put a little
      love) 6 Vinyl Promo
      Vocal House
      Original Album Mix/Visnadi Club Remix/T&F vs Moltosugo
      Klub/Remix/Kelly PitiusoDub Mix

      10.Merchants of Dance feat.Claire Maidin (Let me be the one) 3 CD Promo
      Dancepop/Vocal Trance
      Original Mix/WIP Northy's Mix/WIP All In It Together Mix

      9.Keisha White (Don't fool a woman in love) NEW CD Promo
      Hip Hop/Vocal House
      Original Version/Kardinal Beats Radio Edit/Kardinal Beats Nasty Club Mix/Fooger Remix

      8.The Ones (Get into it) 5 CD Promo
      Club Mix/Dub Mix/Radio Mix

      7.The Hustler (Makin' Love) NEW CDR Promo
      Vocal House
      Club Dub/Club Vocal Mix

      6.Ultrabeat (Feel it with me) 4 Vinyl Promo
      Vocal Trance
      Extended Mix/Styles & Breeze Remix/Flip & Fill Remix/Friday Night
      Posse Remix/Hixxy Mix

      5.54 Featuring Cindy Mizelle (Shine on) 2 CD Promo
      Vocal House
      Peter Presta Mixes/Rhythm Masters Mixes

      4.Ashanti (Baby Baby) NEW CD Promo
      Love To Infinity Classic Master Mix/Love To Infinity Classic Dub Mix/Love To Infinity Classic Radio Mix/Ernie Lake & Soul Solution Extended Club Mix/Red Rhythm Club Mix/Red Rhythm Radio Mix/LG & Krunchie Rhythm & Bass Mix

      3.Jackie 'O' (Filthy/Gorgeous + Bonus Track: Breakfast At Tiffany's)
      NEW CD Promo
      Almighty Mixes/Wayne G Mix/Club Mix

      2.Northstarz (Baby baby) 1 Vinyl Promo
      Dancepop/Vocal Trance
      Flip & Fill Remix/Club Mix/Friday Night Posse Remix/Almighty
      Mix/Dancing Divas Remix

      1.Candee Jay (Lose this feeling) NEW CD Promo
      Vocal Trance
      PPS Remix/XXL Mix/Dizzy Deejays Remix/Twynn Remix/Radio Edit
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