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Ken's 1st Promo Charts 2005

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  • ken_d_ch
    KEN S PROMO CHARTS 2004 out: R.I.P, Narcotic Thrust, Funky G feat.Shauna Jensen, Special D and Solasso vs Bananarama 30.Bellanova (Starway to heaven) 27
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2005
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      out: R.I.P, Narcotic Thrust, Funky G feat.Shauna Jensen, Special D
      and Solasso vs Bananarama

      30.Bellanova (Starway to heaven) 27 Vinyl-Promo
      Vocal House
      Phunk Investigation Club Mix/4Wings Acousticradio Mix/G-Men Dub-Lite

      29.Flip and Fill feat.Junior (Pacific Sun) 26 Vinyl-Promo
      Vocal Trance
      Flip and Fill Mix/Cheeky Trax Mix

      28.Kylie Minogue (I believe in you) 20 Vinyl-Promo
      Dancepop/House Mix/Electro Mix
      Mayday's Bootie Mix/Skylark Mixes/Myo Mixes

      27.100% feat.Jennifer John (Just can't wait Saturday) 16 Vinyl Promo
      Vocal House
      Club Mix/Essential Mix

      26.Stonebridge feat.Therese (Take me away) 25 Vinyl-Promo
      Dancepop/Vocal House
      Stonebridge 12" Mix/D-Bop Mix/Mauve Mixes/Rhythm Doctors Mix

      25.Styles & Breeze feat.Karen Danzig (Heartbeatz) 22 Vinyl-Promo
      Vocal Trance
      Flip and Fill Remix/Hixxy Mix/Resonance Q Mix/Club Mix/Kaveh
      Mix/Hardcore Mix

      24.Dana Rayne (Object of my desire) 17 CD Promo
      Vocal Trance
      Northstarz vs PPS Extended Mix/DJ Puddy vs Mark Simon Remix/Project 4
      Remix/Quadrasonic Remix/Mark 'Super' Simon Remix

      23.Red Rhythm feat.Dil (Someone call the doctor) 21 CD Promo
      Disco/Vocal House/Vocal Trance
      Extended Mix/Red Rhythm Disco Mix/DJ Biff Trance Mix/Disco
      Dub/Original Radio Edit

      22.Clubland 6 Exclusive 6 Track Sampler: Trick Babies Vs LMC (Little
      Bird), Chosen Few vs Tears For Fears (Everybody wants to rule the
      world), Colours Feat. Domino (Hold me and kiss me), Slinky Minx
      (Summer rain), Da Buzz (let me love you tonight) and Friday Night
      Posse vs Gabrielle (Dreams) 19 Vinyl Promo
      Dancepop/Vocal Trance

      21.Marie Miller (Playground) 18 CD Promo
      Vocal House
      Mark!'s Vox Redux/DJ Tandu Remix/K-Warren's Vocal Mix/Apollo 440
      Extended Remix

      20.Annie (Heartbeat) 15 Vinyl Promo
      Alan Braxe Remix/Röyksopp's Mindre Tilgjengelige Remix/Radio Edit

      19.Dance Assassins feat.Karen Parry (Here I am) 14 Vinyl Promo
      Vocal Trance
      Flip and Fill Remix/Voodoo & Serano Remix/Club Mix/Discode Mix/Friday
      Night Posse Mix

      18.Nothern Heightz (Fly to you) 13 CD Promo
      Vocal Trance
      Club Mix/Quadrasonic Remix/Dizzy Deejays Remix/Pez Tellet vs
      Northstarz Remix

      17.The Lovefreekz (Shine) 12 Vinyl Promo
      2 Unnamed Mixes

      16.Senor Kasio (IWF) 11 CD Promo
      Rock/Pop/Vocal Trance
      Obscene Proposal Mix/Radio Edit/Paul Grace remix/Friday Night Posse

      15.Loleatta Holloway (Stand up) 10 Vinyl Promo
      Vocal House
      Live Element Darktonic Mixes

      14.Erasure (Breathe) 4 CD Promo
      LMC Extended Club Mix/When Andy Bell Met Manfattan Clique Extended
      Remix/LMC Extended Dub Club Mix/Album Version

      13.Bodyrockers (I like the way) NEW Vinyl Promo
      Vocal Rock House
      Unnamed Mix

      12.Ian Knowles feat. Marcella Woods (Almost got over you) 9 Vinyl
      Vocal Trance
      Club Mix/IK Remix/Hard Distortion Mix

      11.Escape (Flying Away) 8 Vinyl Promo
      Vocal Trance
      Club Mix/CJ Stone Mix/Flip and Fill Remix/DJ Welly Mix/KB Project Mix

      10.Jocelyn Brown (Riding on the wings) 7 CD Promo
      Dancepop/Vocal House/Trance
      Motiv8 Airplay Extended/Amstel Remix/Soul Seekerz Remix/Soul Seekerz
      Dub/Venomous Remix/Quest Remix

      9.POP! (Serious) 6 CD Promo
      WIP Mixes

      8.Solitaire (You got the love) NEW CD Promo
      Vocal House
      Extended Club Mix/You Got The Dub/Radio Edit

      7.Deux Sun rising up) NEW Vinyl Promo
      Original Mix/Dub Mix

      6.United In Dance (Shining Down) 5 Vinyl Promo
      Vocal Trance
      Extended Mix/Rezonance Q Remix/Hixxy Mix/Mardcore Mix/Basscore
      Remix/Dance Assassins Remix

      5.M & C feat.Rebecca Rudd (Do you want it right now?) 3 Vinyl Promo
      Vocal Tance
      Extended Mix/Friday Night Posse Mix/Cheeky Trax Mix/Adhesive Remix

      4.Visa (Fly away) 2 CD Promo
      Vocal Trance
      Time Ladies Please 12" Mix/Radio Edit/Club Mix/Visa Vocal Club Mix

      3.Neon 8 (The only way is up) 1 Vinyl Promo
      Vocal Trance
      Dizzy Deejays Mix/Northstarz vs Pez Tellet Mix

      2.Yukka (True faith) NEW CD Promo
      Morph Klan Future Pop Mix/Almighty Mix/Mike Rizzo Global Club
      Mix/Patrice Strike Deep House Mix/Mike Cruz Vocal Mix/Almighty Radio

      1.Angel City (Sunrise) NEW Vinyl Promo
      Vocal Trance
      Extended Remix/Quadrasonic Mix/BCD Project Remix/Rob Mayth Remix
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