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  • ken_d_ch
    Nov 27, 2013
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      Matrix & Futurebound Ft. Max Marshall (Control)
      1.Apexx Remix
      2.Torque Remix
      3.Yousef Circus Remix
      5.Radio Edit

      Ariane Grande (Right there)
      1.7th Heaven Club Remix
      2.7th Heaven Dub
      3.7th Heaven edit
      5.Radio Edit

      Monkey Safari (Coming down)
      1.Original Mix
      2.Radio Edit

      Melissa Manchester (Two courageous hearts)
      1.MIG & Rizzo EDit
      2.MIG & Rizzo Club Mix

      Brian Cid Ft. Res (On the radio)
      1.Club Mix
      2.Sted-E & Hybrid Heights Remix
      3.Danophonic Remix
      4.Original Extended Mix

      Teddy Music Ft. Sorcher & Shanna Songbird (Out of control)
      1.DJ Q Garage Remix
      2.DJ Q Garage Edit
      3.Phaze 100 Remix
      4.Phaze 100 Edit
      5.Extended Mix

      Quadron (Hey Love)
      1.Classixx Remix
      2.Balistiq Remix
      3.Ryan Hamsworth Remix
      4.Branko Remix
      5.Sinden Remix
      6.Radio Edit

      Drox Ft. Eva Alordiah (Mercy)
      1.Girl On Update Beat Explicit Mix
      2.Girl On Update Beat Clean Mix
      3.Jackin’Storm Explicit Mix
      4.Jackin’Storm Clean Mix
      5.TEK 22 Explicit Mix
      6.TEK 22 Clean Mix
      7.Clean Radio Edit

      Hardwell Ft. Matthew Koma (Dare you)
      1.Extended Mix
      2.Original Edit

      Cher (Take it like a man)
      1.7th Heaven Club Mix
      2.7th Heaven Edit
      3.Over The Top Mix
      4.Over The Top Instrumental
      5.Over The Top Edit

      Marchi’s Flow Ft. Robbie Wulfsohn (Made to love you)
      1.Christian Marchi & Paolo Sandrini Flow Club Mix
      2.Christian Marchi & Paolo Sandrini Flow Mix
      3.Christian Marchi & Paolo Sandrini Flow Club Edit
      4.Christian Marchi &Paolo Sandrini Flow Edit

      Petra Mor (Make it better)
      1.Adam Oland Remix
      2.Adam Oland Edit
      3.Deep Summer Vocal Mix
      5.Pete Ardon Remix

      Petra Mor (Make your move)
      1.Deeto Remix
      2.Deeto Edit

      Tanika (Bad 4 u)
      1.East Freaks Explicit Mix
      2.Hamilton Explicit Remix
      3.Hamilton Explicit Edit
      4.Hamilton Radio Edit
      5.Clean Version
      7.Superclean Version

      Kosheen (Harder they fall)
      1.Kosheen DJ’s Remix
      2.Decoder & Substance Remix
      3.Zonal Remix
      4.Original Mix
      5.Radio Edit

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