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  • ken_d_ch
    Sep 11, 2013
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      Western Disco (The Sun)
      1.The Western Disco Club Mix
      2.Andrea Mazzali Remix
      3.Paul Oakenfold remix
      4.DIY Remix
      5.Blackbox Remix

      Daley (Broken)
      1.Cahill Club Mix
      2.Cahill Edit

      Blue Ft. Tracey Young (Roulette – Summer Edition EP)
      3.Sing For Me

      Giulia (Love Love Love)
      1.Soulshaker Club Mix
      2.Soulshaker Dub
      3.Soulshaker Edit
      4.Bassmonkeys Extended Mix
      5.Bassmonkeys Dub
      6.Bassmonkeys Edit
      7.So Cool Network Club Remix
      8.So Cool Network Dub

      GTF (Wanna Be With You)
      1.Charles J Remix

      Foxes (Youth)
      1.Seamus Haji Remix
      2.Seamus Haji Edit
      3.Breakage Remix
      4.Breakage Edit
      5.Maze & Masters Remix
      6.Maze & Masters Edit

      Lady Gaga (Applause)
      1.DJ White Shadow Electrotec Remix
      2.DJ White Shadow Trap Remix

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