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  • ken_d_ch
    Sep 10, 2013

      Selena Gomez (Slow Down)
      1.Smash Mode Remix
      2.Smash Mode Edit
      3.Chew Fu Refix
      4.Chew Fu Refix Dub
      5.Chew Fu Refix Edit
      6.Danny Verde Club Mix
      7.Danny Verde Dub
      8.Danny Verde Edit

      The Saturdays (Disco Love)
      1.The Wideboys Club Mix
      2.The Wideboys Dub

      Wookie Ft. Eliza Doolittle (The Hype)
      1.Wideboys Mix
      2.Wideboys Dub
      3.Wideboys Edit
      4.Wookie Dub
      5.Danny Byrd Mix
      6.S.Chu Mix
      7.Extended Clean Mix
      8.Clean Radio Edit

      Claptone (No Eyes)
      1.Art Department Mix
      2.Bakermat Remix
      3.Doctor Dru Remix
      4.Just Kiddin Remix
      5.Kyodai Remix
      6.Mickey Remix

      John Newman (Cheatin)
      1.Freemasons Club Mix
      2.Wookie Remix
      3.DJ Zinc Remix

      Young Kato (Drink Dance Play)
      1.Nathan C Remix
      2.Chords Remix
      3.FUGZ Remix

      Roald (Pulse)
      1.Christian Poow Alternative Main Mix
      2.Christian Poow Alternative Dub
      3.Christian Poow Club Mix
      4.Christian Poow Edit
      5.Daz Bailey Club Mix
      6.Daz Bailey Dub
      7.Daz Bailey Edit
      8.Extended Vocal Mix

      Electronic Youth (Wish I didn’t miss you)
      1.The Shapeshifters Remix
      2.Cicada Remix
      3.Cicada Dub
      4.Club Mix
      5.Dub Mix
      6.Original Mix
      7.Percappella Mix
      8.Radio Edit

      Annie Khalid (Boom Boom Danze)
      1.Danze Eeken Remix
      2.Danze Electro Sonique Remix
      3.Danze Fuzzy The Embezzla Extended Mix
      4.Danze Gadgetman Mix
      5.Irie Mix
      6.Club Mix

      VenSun (Love is love)
      1.Mixin’Marc Remix
      2.Marc Stout Club Mix
      3.Marc Stout Edit
      4.Matteo Marini Club Mix
      5.Matteo Marini Dub
      6.Matteo Marini Edit
      7.Club Mix No Speeches
      8.Only MLK Speeches

      The Wanted (We own the night)
      1.Bass Ninjas Remix
      2.Scott Mills & John Dixon Remix
      3.Scott Mills & John Dixon Edit

      Freemasons vs Rubylux (The world goes quiet)
      1.Club Mix
      2.Club Instrumental
      3.Radio Edit

      SandzA’Rite (Out on the edge)
      1.7th Heaven Club Mix
      4.Radio Edit

      Faustix & Steve Edwards (Love Revolution)
      1.Apocalyptic Remix
      2.Faustix & Imano Remix
      3.Jonas Trap Remix
      4.Kiholm Big Room Mix
      5.Thomas Mengal Remix

      Sash! Ft. Jessy (All is love)
      1.Chris Malinchak Indigo Remix
      2.Chris Malinchak Edit

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