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Re: [future-fuels-and-vehicles] Re: Lithium Costs

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  • murdoch
    [Default] On Wed, 09 May 2007 19:55:47 -0000, Forbes Bagatelle-Black ... Thanks Forbes, that seems like a good point. As I mentioned in another group, I
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      [Default] On Wed, 09 May 2007 19:55:47 -0000, "Forbes Bagatelle-Black"
      <diarmaede@...> wrote:

      >--- In future-fuels-and-vehicles@yahoogroups.com, murdoch <murdoch@...>
      >> >[...] The decline in gross margin was the result of lower
      >> >revenues combined with higher raw materials costs, especially
      >> >lithium cobalt dioxide, which increased approximately 30%-40% in
      >> >the March quarter. [...]
      >Keep in mind that this figure is not out of proportion relative to the
      >cost increases for other materials lately. Steel, aluminum, plywood,
      >nickel - everything has been getting dramatically more expensive as
      >China's hunger for cosumer goods increases exponentially.

      Thanks Forbes, that seems like a good point.

      As I mentioned in another group, I don't think I took an overly-large lesson
      from spotting that point in the corporate report (the company neither did
      spectacularly well or badly from the situation) but I value these chances to
      pick up on these obscure mentions of how the industry is functioning. To see a
      real-world battery company rolling with the punches in response to material
      pricing is interesting. Of course, we see it every quarter with all
      lead-battery companies quite focused on the price of lead, gobally.

      I think we will continue to try to read the tea-leaves of how the battery
      industry might be affected by materials pricing, and we'll have to be open to a
      lot of different clues and to ongoing education.
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