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Re: [future-fuels-and-vehicles] Re: Fw: Henry Ford Must be Rolling in his Grave!

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  • Lee Dekker
    (in this telling) are the key words here. The problem with trying to determine what s happening from recent history is that it s too recent. Still too many
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      (in this telling) are the key words here. The problem with trying to determine what's happening from recent history is that it's too recent. Still too many entities with a vested interest in spinning history to their advantage. Looking back further, one would have to come to the conclusion that existing enterprises will always attempt to stifle upstart competition. Since it's gone on from the beginning of time, it would be supremely naïve to suppose that it's not going on at this moment.

      "John B. Hodges" <jbhodges@...> wrote: Regarding the collaboration between Ford and Edison to manufacture an
      electric car for the masses, there is a book titled INTERNAL
      COMBUSTION, which I got from our local public library a few months
      ago, which tells the story of fuel cartels and transportation cartels
      in England and the U.S. going back to the days of timber, the
      beginning days of coal, continuing to the present day.

      It says, among other things, that Edison's battery laboratories were
      destroyed in a colossal fire, which (in this telling), really didn't
      look accidental.
      John B. Hodges, jbhodges@ @...
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