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Fw: "Who Killed the Electric Car" January 2006 Update

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      Subject: "Who Killed the Electric Car" January 2006 Update

      N E W S

      January 2006

      Happy New Year! Here's the latest from your favorite electric car movie with its newly shortened title "Who Killed the Electric Car?" We have two pieces of great news to share.

      First, our documentary was accepted to premiere at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival! This is the number one venue for independent films in the US with thousands of films considered every year. We feel very fortunate to be selected. We will still be polishing the film after Sundance to prepare it for theatrical release, but this will be a great kickoff! If you want to join us at Sundance, check out http://festival.sundance.org/2006/. The individual ticket registration deadline is January 5th.

      Second, we are thrilled to report that Sony Pictures Classics has licensed the English speaking rights for the film. While no release date has been announced, we are guessing it will hit movie theaters in key markets this Summer.
      Thank you in advance for your support when the film opens. Your efforts to help us promote the film (especially on opening weekend) will make a big difference in getting this film a wider audience.

      All the best,

      Chris Paine



      U.S.A., 2005, 90 Minutes, color

      Chris Paine


      Fashioned like a tongue-in-cheek murder mystery, Who Killed the Electric Car? sets out to uncover just who is responsible for the demise of this ill-fated vehicle. The spirited film runs through the prime suspects, including car companies, oil companies, the government, and consumers. Beginning in the early nineties, under pressure from the California Air Resource Board, car manufacturers were forced to develop nonpolluting vehicles. GM made the first car, the EV-1, available for lease in the midnineties. After less than 10 years, citing lack of interest by the public, the automaker took the vehicle off the market and officially discontinued the project. Government policy was rescinded, and currently, GM and other automakers are crushing all remaining electric vehicles. Filmmaker Chris Paine follows electric car activists who are desperately trying to save the few remaining cars from being destroyed and hoping to change policy. A very timely subject, Who Killed the Electric Car? serves as a potent reminder that the powers that be will stop at nothing to maintain their position in the world. The film is an informative and thoroughly entertaining journey into the world of environmentally conscious technology and the cars that may one day be here...again.- Lisa Viola

      Executive Producers : Dean Devlin, Richard D. Titus, Tavin Marin Titus
      Producers : Jessie Deeter
      Co-producer : Kathy Weiss
      Associate Producers : Natalie Artin, Jeff Steele
      Cinematographer : Thaddeus Wadleigh
      Editor : Michael Kovalenko
      Additional Editing: Chris A. Peterson

      Screening Times

      Monday , Jan 23 8:30 PM Library Center Theatre ELECT23LN
      Tuesday , Jan 24 8:30 AM Prospector Square Theatre ELECT24PM
      Thursday , Jan 26 12:00 PM Egyptian Theatre, Park City ELECT26ED
      Saturday , Jan 28 3:00 PM Broadway Centre Cinemas IV, SLC ELECT28BA

      Director Bio

      Chris Paine
      Who Killed the Electric Car? is Chris Paine's first feature documentary as director. His documentary producing experience includes Mark Neale's FASTER and William Gibson: No Maps for These Territories. Paine's directing experience includes the MTV/Initial television series Buzz.


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