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Re: [evworld] High Oil Prices = Less Alternative Energy Investment?

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  • manuel grimaud
    Hi all, With reference to solar energy: As we all know, the only investment being attarcted in solar enery is the financing of high tech. solar cell research.
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 13 11:05 PM
      Hi all,

      With reference to solar energy:

      As we all know, the only investment being attarcted in solar enery is the financing of high tech. solar cell research. The efficiency of said solar cells is low.
      Haw about some research into more mechanical/optical systems.
      I mean... solar energy / lenses / steam / mechanical power?????
      I did some rudamentary testing and was surprised by what I could from 1m 2 of sunlight.

      All equipment is cheap and I could make an old desc top steam engine work for most of the day.

      My openion is that big corporations always go for the ultra high tech solution. Is this maybe because they are after covernment's moneys??? Boing down this path is safe as they are always looking at 5 to 10 years in the future to come up with something. Is this what they are after?? getting subsidies for someting that seems to be (always) behind the next corner?? are we being tantalised by a proverbial carrot???

      Thank you


      murdoch_1998 <murdoch@...> wrote:
      Interesting blog, I thought, on Investing and Alternative Energy,
      and other matters:


      Monday, September 13, 2004
      High Oil Prices = Less Alternative Energy Investment?

      This Newsweek article on alternative energy investment seems to
      suggest that the high oil prices which mean record profits for oil
      companies when combined with an uncertain regulatory environment for
      alternative energy may actually discourage investment in renewable

      There are some big multinationals like BP, Shell, Sharp, Kyocera,
      and Mitsubishi with divisions investing in alternative energy, these
      are companies that can afford to take risks and take a long-term
      view. The sums involved however are a drop in the ocean when
      compared to the amount of money spent on finding and extracting our
      declining fossil fuel reserves.

      In my opinion the solar power industry in particular is attracting
      attention and investment from VCs as this is the area where it seems
      most likely at the moment that a technological breakthrough may
      come, which would allow low cost mass production of solar cells
      allowing them to become ubiquitous.

      However while solar energy may hold the promise of the great
      technological breakthroughs and therefore the biggest profits, it
      seems to be grabbing most of the attention and therefore the
      investment away from other types of alternative energy.

      Wind power is competitive now. However it requires major capital
      investment, has tight margins and doesn't currently hold the
      tantalising prospect of any technological breakthroughs.

      First government has to stop subsidising fossil fuels and spend the
      money instead on encouraging genuinely clean and renewable energy

      September 2004 Newsweek Article on Alternative Energy Investment

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