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Re: Valence Tech. request for info from CARB

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  • murdoch_1998
    This was the one I hadn t read when I made my last post, but it looks like you were ahead of me in working with Valence to have them communicate with CARB. A
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 8, 2004
      This was the one I hadn't read when I made my last post, but it
      looks like you were ahead of me in working with Valence to have them
      communicate with CARB.

      A few years ago I remember that CARB published a report which they
      had done for them as to the present (at the time) state of the
      battery industry and different chemistries. Perhaps this is what
      they had partly in mind? If I recall, Anderman (very experienced
      with Ni-Cad?) was a part of the evaluation team.

      I think I posted the PDF of that file in the group archives. It may
      be helpful in the sense of trying to understand what CARB was
      thinking in their apparently very outdated response to your
      proposals. Here is the link:


      although this appears to have been posted by NTSL. I don't know if
      CARB has done any sort of update on the state of Battery technology
      since then. If not, and if this report is a significant part of
      what they had in mind in their too-quick response to you, then they
      are basing their response on four year old data, which I think is
      somewhat out-of-date, and I think they should make some effort to
      respond using a more up-to-date understanding of the present

      --- In evworld@yahoogroups.com, "vista193023" <mhotion@o...> wrote:
      > Dear Mr. Vincent,
      > Valence Technology, Inc. is working closely with Phoenix Motorcars
      > implement a successful lithium-ion powered electric vehicle
      > I would be very interested in learning more about your team's
      > experiences regarding li-ion vehicles which you mentioned in your
      > letter to Mr. Riegert. Li-ion battery development is consistently
      > improving and prices have come down dramatically. Granted, I do
      > that prices need to further drop to make them much more attractive,
      > but the trend is there. As for durability issues, please send me
      > possible) the test criteria and results that your team found to be
      > disappointing. I would like to know if this is a fundamental
      > chemistry problem, a manufacturing/manufacturer problem, an
      > implementation problem, or an application problem. This will help
      > improve our product for this and future vehicles.
      > Best regards,
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