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(fwd) $1,200 Gas tax refund; Feb. Mercury News COIL Advertisment

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  • murdoch
    I m not passing this on because I agree with every aspect of it (I don t), but simply for purposes of discussion. The enclosed PDF file I have uploaded so
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      I'm not passing this on because I agree with every aspect of it (I don't), but
      simply for purposes of discussion. The enclosed PDF file I have uploaded so
      that readers can see it. It is here in the files area of the evworld.com group
      under $1,200 Adv Nwspr.pdf:



      *C*alifornia *O*il *I*ndependence* L*eage (COIL)

      1 February 2004

      Dear COIL Supporters,

      SUBJECT: Preview of February full page advertisements.

      Thank you for your previous interest in our gas tax initiative. Last
      years' advertisements were to determine what the issues were and what
      the level of interest was regarding a gas tax initiative. During the
      past year we learned a whole lot regarding the politics of taxes. And,
      as we all know, taxes are a very touchy issue with all Californians.
      Consequently, we have changed our entire strategy. We believe the new
      strategy has a better chance of success.

      Enclosed is your sneak preview of our February full-page advertisement
      to be published in various northern California newspapers. What do you
      think of the new approach?

      Some names being considered for this initiative are:
      California Oil Independence Initiative
      Patriot Tax Initiative or Patriot Gas Tax Initiative
      Patriot Tax Refund Initiative or $1,200 or $600 Tax Refund Initiative
      Which of the above names do you prefer? Do you have a different

      We do not need money now. What we need to know is would you support
      this initiative by volunteering time or making a future donation? Please
      complete the attached Volunteer - Donor Pledge sheet and return to COIL.

      You can also help by printing or emailing copies of this advertisement
      and sending it to 10 other people and asking those 10 people, to
      print or email this advertisement to 10 of their friends.

      Sincerely yours,

      Stan Shore
      Acting Executive Director

      P.S. The attached PDF is formatted for legal size paper. A larger 11" X
      17" version of the advertisements can be ordered in packets of 50 for
      $17 or packets of 100 for $27. Price covers cost of copying, handling
      and postage. To order, send check payable to Stan Shore at P.O. Box
      1384, Palo Alto, CA 94301.
      REMOVE*: To be removed from the COIL mailing list simply return this
      email with the words remove typed in the subject line. We apologize for
      any inconvenience we have caused you. It is not our intent to include
      any one in our mailing who is not interested in this proposal.
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