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Re: [future-fuels-and-vehicles] Making Sense of the AC Propulsion Annoucement

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  • murdoch
    Aside from Valence, E-Moli is the one of the only quoted company that I can point to, that I can think of, that makes (if memory serves) a
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 14, 2008
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      Aside from Valence, E-Moli is the one of the only quoted company that
      I can point to, that I can think of, that makes (if memory serves) a
      thermal-runaway-inhibited type of LiOn battery. There may be a few
      others, at this point.... as we know the LiOn chemistry claims have
      become somewhat diverse and difficulty to follow. For example, CBAK
      was making such batteries for A123 last year, but then stopped doing
      so (perhaps because of the
      Prof._Goodenough/University_of_Texas/HydroQuebec lawsuit)

      My take on E-Moli's claims goes back a few years.

      E-Moli trades in Taiwan (classified by many as an "Emerging" market)
      on the Gretai Exchange (classified by some as an OTC exchange) and
      they do not trade on the main tier of that exchange, but on an
      "Emerging" tier. So, they trade on a lower tier of an OTC Exchange of
      an Emerging Market Exchange. Nonetheless, they are quoted:


      Disclaimer: I do not have any vested interest in E-One Moli but
      generally do research on alt energy investments. My mention of this
      or that ticker does not mean that I recommend anything (and I mean
      it). I am mentioning tickers generally for background research
      purposes as it may help us to follow the industry as a whole.

      [Default] On Tue, 14 Oct 2008 06:43:52 -0700 (PDT), Lee Dekker
      <heprv@...> wrote:

      >LiOn battery-maker E-Moli has its batteries in this two wheel hybrid for sale now, if you can fins one.
      >You can't make gasoline on your roof but you can collect bird poop.
      >--- On Mon, 10/13/08, murdoch <murdoch@...> wrote:
      >> From: murdoch <murdoch@...>
      >> Subject: Re: [future-fuels-and-vehicles] Making Sense of the AC Propulsion Annoucement
      >> To: future-fuels-and-vehicles@yahoogroups.com
      >> Date: Monday, October 13, 2008, 3:30 PM
      >> At a glance, my thoughts are:
      >> - AC Propulsion has generally been looking for an investor
      >> and partner
      >> to partner with on building vehicles. The 1-vehicle-per
      >> month concept
      >> of the eBox I think was never really more than something to
      >> press
      >> forward with and see what happened, but I don't think
      >> they envisioned
      >> it as their end-goal. So, I think this announcement means
      >> AC
      >> Propulsion has accomplished something they wanted to get
      >> done with the
      >> eBox project, which was somehow to parlay their skills and
      >> move toward
      >> mass-production. I believe we could find language along
      >> these lines
      >> in some of the articles or releases about the eBox a couple
      >> of years
      >> ago.
      >> - I wonder what contacts Yulon group has in Taiwanese LiOn
      >> batteries.
      >> After all, it's not just about the car but about the
      >> batteries and
      >> controllers and so-forth. What if Yulon likes working with
      >> Taiwanese
      >> LiOn battery-maker E-Moli, for example?
      >> [Default] On Mon, 13 Oct 2008 21:55:17 -0000,
      >> "Eddie"
      >> <eddiecolumbus@...> wrote:
      >> >EV World has a press release
      >> >(http://www.evworld.com/news.cfm?newsid=19419) that
      >> really assumes
      >> >everyone already knows about the Yulon Group. Does
      >> this mean the eBox
      >> >is going to become a collectors item because of a newer
      >> vehicle
      >> >designed from the ground up to be an EV?
      >> >
      >> >
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