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(fwd) [electric_vehicles_for_sale] Request Toyota resume production of RAV4-EV Aug. 25, 10 AM [Orange County, CA, USA]

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  • murdoch
    On Mon, 11 Aug 2008 05:00:25 -0000, doug korthof wrote: MONDAY, AUGUST 25 10 A.M. Join http://www.TaxpayersAgainstBigOil.com and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2008
      On Mon, 11 Aug 2008 05:00:25 -0000, "doug korthof"
      <live_oil_free@...> wrote:

      10 A.M.

      Join http://www.TaxpayersAgainstBigOil.com and the Meetup group to
      petition Toyota for resumption of production of the Toyota RAV4-EV.

      This will be a friendly meeting at a site not visbile to the general
      public; it's between Toyota buildings on a public street that is
      generally not seen by passer-by.

      Respectfully ask Toyota to resume production of the plug-in Toyota

      Signs, tables, petitions and solar cookies will be provided to
      Toyota personnel and we will seek dialogue with them.

      This friendly encounter will be held every month, at first, and
      perhaps expanded to high-traffic streets, to Toyota dealers, and to
      other car companies.

      The main intersection is 190th and Western.

      The gathering will be on Grammercy, which is a public street
      surrounded by Toyota.

      Directions: From the 405 South, exit Western, turn RIGHT to
      Grammercy, make a LEFT into Grammercy.

      From 405 North, exit Western, turn left (under the freeway), turn
      right on 190th, LEFT into Grammercy.

      Making it to the intersection of 190th and Western, which is right
      next to the 405, is just one block east of Grammercy.

      Look for the table, the Toyota RAV4-EV, and the signs.

      For more information,

      Doug Korthof

      This is about the only way that we will gain the attention of
      Toyota, IMO. Letters to Toyota honchos will be provided for those
      who want to help but are too far from the area to attend.



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