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Biodiesel Car Captures Highest Ratings In Six Performance Categories At The 2003 Michelin Challenge Bibendum

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  • murdoch
    ... Immediately I m confused because I saw this release yesterday: http://www.acpropulsion.com/ACP%20Bib%20results.pdf I get the sense that this event is a bit
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      On Wed, 1 Oct 2003 04:11:43 -0700 (PDT), you wrote:

      >There were a total of twenty-six of the most advanced
      >production vehicles in the World entered in the event;
      >hybrid, fuel cell, natural gas, and biofuel vehicles.
      >Entries include: Seven by Honda (NYSE:HMC), six by
      >Toyota (NYSE:TM), three by Nissan (Nasdaq SC: NSANY),
      >two by Volvo (Nasdaq NM: VOLVY), three by
      >DaimlerChrysler (NYSE:DCX), one by Ford (NYSE:F), one
      >by Mercedes-Benz, and two Volkswagen diesel cars by
      >American Bio-Fuels.

      Immediately I'm confused because I saw this release yesterday:


      I get the sense that this event is a bit of a zoo, with a lot of
      different categories and tests, so maybe the biodiesel folks were
      omitting mention of the EV in the event for some reason related to

      From the bottom of the ACpropulsion release, it seems clear that parts
      of the testing were not up to the best standards. Not making an issue
      of "blame" so much as rounding out the picture. I mean if you have a
      car that will do 0-60 in 3.6 seconds (or whatever), and you measure it
      at 9 seconds, because you insist on the accuracy of your fancy GPS
      measuring system,then your testing procedures need some improvement,
      to say the least.
      >In light of these kind of presentations by the
      >speakers it is not surprising that the American
      >Biofuels race team felt deprived of their victory when
      >there was no mention of their achievements in the
      >production class category while all of the awards were
      >presented only to the major automobile companies
      >competing in this category in the event.

      I was glad to learn of the biofuel company and will follow it. I come
      away from this press release generally enlightened, but confused as to
      the setup of the Bibendum, in the sense that the one car I was
      following (the tzero) wasn't mentioned in this release regarding the
      American biofuels car.... perhaps an indication of some complexity of
      what classes meant what.

      >Furthermore, a two-page press release by the Michelin
      >Challenge Bibendum dated September 25th neither
      >mentioned the American Biofuels top awards or even the
      >word biofuels. On Friday, September 26, 2003 the Los
      >Angeles Times printed an article covering the Bibendum
      >Challenge, which stated that eighteen Gold Awards were
      >given to all of the major automobile manufacturers,
      >without mentioning American Biofuels' production class
      >Gold Awards. This was Michelin's chance to draw
      >attention to the many benefits of diesel engines and
      >biodiesel fuel proved by their own Bibendum event.
      >It is also noteworthy that the second American
      >Biofuels entry, a Volkswagen TDI Golf vehicle running
      >on 20% biodiesel blend (B-20) also received two ``A'
      >ratings and three ``B' ratings.
      >At the Bibendum event many of the European
      >participants stated that they believed that the United
      >States was not committed to reducing CO2 emissions

      [no kidding?]

      >while the European Union has already committed to
      >substantial CO2 reductions.

      This press release's discussion of the shutout of reasonable levels of
      discussion of the advantages of certain biofuel technologies is nearly
      verbatim a description of the difficulties faced by discussers of EVs
      and Grid-Chargeable hybrids. So, we come back in part to the idea
      that we are more or less "on the same team" here, and so we can see
      that we face similar media-coverage and industry-opposition
      challenges. And yes, Michelin should move to correct this sort of
      shoddy slight of an excellent participant, if the matter has been
      accurately described.

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