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Free Battery Pickup Truck, another Battery Inventor allegedly assasinated

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  • robert04mat
    Free Battery Pickup Truck, another Battery Inventor allegedly assasinated What had to be done to create the Free Battery Pickup Truck First, there was Who
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2007
      Free Battery Pickup Truck, another Battery Inventor allegedly assasinated

      What had to be done to create the Free Battery Pickup Truck

      First, there was Who Killed The Electric Car Cottage
      Industry? Our suspect wasn't the usual one.

      In arresting (couldn't resist the pun)
      the decline of this particular electric vehicle,
      we hadda' be creative, and think totally outside the box.

      The link below will take you to the summary of the story
      of the world's first revived battery licensed pickup truck,
      which is also the world's cheapest truck to operate.

      (Diagram of EV summary mods)

      However, on another matter,
      we're worried about the recent story at the Jeff Rense
      website that alleges that a certain battery inventor was perhaps
      "murdered". Here's the Rense article with the allegations..

      <<start snip>>

      A Curious Coincidence - Was
      It Suppression Of The
      Self-Powering Battery?
      T. E. Bearden

      The Incident

      An incident that occurred in the Charlotte Douglas International
      Airport in North Carolina earlier this month is at least a curious
      coincidence, or it may possibly even represent assassination and
      suppression of another highly important "energy from the vacuum"
      (EFTV) invention. At least such a possibility should be considered,
      and then if all the facts warrant questioning the autopsy finding of
      death from natural causes, the incident should be more deeply

      The victim's name was M. DeGeus. DeGeus was found slumped in his car
      in the long term parking area of the airport, totally unresponsive. He
      was rushed to the hospital, and was pronounced dead very quickly,
      according to <http://www.wbtv.com/>http://www.WBTV.com

      The resulting autopsy indicated heart failure, and thus concluded
      "death from natural causes". Hence police are not investigating it any
      further, and they are not considering it as a possible homicide.

      Some Background on the Victim and His Invention

      DeGeus was in fact the inventor of a thin wafer-like material/device
      that somehow specially aligned the atoms or electron currents ongoing
      in that material, so that the wafer produced a constant amperage at a
      small voltage ­ continuous real power, or in other words a strange
      kind of "self-powering battery". It is actually powered by the ongoing
      and continuous tremendous exchange of energy by the active vacuum with
      the charges of any material. This exchange is exceptionally powerful,
      and normally our electromagnetic systems and devices only use just a
      tiny bit of it.

      But as is known in physics, even simple materials (such as a simple
      short piece of ordinary copper wire) have extraordinary symmetrical
      cross currents ongoing perpetually, even when no ordinary "net"
      current is flowing since normally there is no asymmetry. E.g., quoting

      "Think of the cables which carry the telephone current in the form of
      electrons. In the absence of the current the electrons are moving in
      all directions. As many are moving from left to right as are moving
      from right to left; and the nothingness which is there is composed of
      two equal and opposite halves, about a million million amperes per
      square centimeter in one direction, and a million million amperes per
      square centimeter in the other direction. The telephone current
      constitutes an upsetting of the balance to the extent of one hundredth
      of a millionth of an ampere per square centimeter, or about one part
      in a hundred million million million. Then if this one part in a
      hundred million million million is at fault by one part in a thousand,
      we ring up the telephone company and complain that the quality of the
      speech is faulty." [W.F.G. Swann, Physics Today, June. 1951, p. 9.]

      However, if by special alignment of atoms and basic constituents one
      does provide an EM asymmetry in this naturally occurring "opposing
      huge EM power currents" always ongoing laterally in the matter itself,
      then a net lateral direct current (real EM power) can be freely
      provided by that altered material at a resulting voltage (indicating
      the asymmetry) because every charge in the material is continually
      involved in an enormous energy reaction with its local active vacuum.

      This continual giant energy interaction of every charge with the
      seething vacuum is already well-known in modern quantum field theory.
      E.g., quoting Aitchison:

      "...the concept of a 'single particle' actually breaks down in
      relativistic quantum field theory with interactions, because the
      interactions between 'the particle' and the vacuum fluctuations (or
      virtual quanta) cannot be ignored." [I. J. R. Aitchison, "Nothing's
      Plenty: The Vacuum in Modern Quantum Field Theory," Contemporary
      Physics, 26(4), 1985, p. 357.].

      A Little Corroborating Information

      Indeed, I found an obscure bit of information that seems directly
      related to proving the concept. We urge other investigators to further
      investigate this effect. Quoting:

      "infrared Tourmaline is the only mineral to show permanent electricity
      on the earth and is also a natural (non-manufactured) source of
      negative ions and far infrared (FIR) rays.

      Around 1986, it was found in a research station in Japan that, even
      though tourmaline was broken down in smaller pieces, a positive and a
      negative electrode existed on both ends of the crystal, and the
      electrodes never disappeared unless tourmaline was boiled near 1000°C.

      In addition, when the positive and the negative electrodes of a
      tourmaline crystal were connected to each other, it was proven to show
      low electricity of 0.06mA."

      We suspect that the vast new phenomena uncovered in nanocrystalline
      research will also probably have similar "self-powering DC battery"
      capabilities in some cases.

      At any rate, altering the layering characteristics of the wafer
      material used by DeGeus provides a broken symmetry in its usual
      equal-and-opposite cross currents. This asymmetry results in the
      little DeGeus solid state wafer pouring out a net steady lateral DC
      current at a given steady voltage. In short, it becomes a "perpetual
      battery" type of device, gating and pouring out steady and directly
      usable net DC power, and fed by energy from the seething vacuum
      reaction due to that organized broken symmetry.

      Proposed Explanation of the "Self-Powering Battery"

      Physics already tells us that, when we have a broken symmetry, then
      something previously virtual becomes observable. So when we have a
      power supply using the normal proven asymmetry of opposite charges
      (its dipolarity), it will be receiving input energy from the virtual
      state vacuum, cohering it to quantum size, and emitting it as real,
      observable EM energy. E.g., quoting Nobelist Lee:

      "the violation of symmetry arises whenever what was thought to be a
      non-observable turns out to be actually an observable." [T. D. Lee,
      Particle Physics and Introduction to Field Theory, Harwood Academy
      Publishers, Chur, New York, and London, 1981, p. 181.]

      DeGeus Wafers and the Purpose of his Planned Trip

      DeGeus appears to have readily achieved different voltages and
      currents (different levels of power) by grouping, multiple-layering,
      etc. ­ much like connecting or grouping individual batteries. The
      novelty was that the inventor had discovered how to build these wafers
      extremely cheaply ­ couple bucks each for a small one, with an
      assembly of them for greater power just requiring multiples of the
      basic cost.

      He is believed to have been from a well-to-do European family with
      significant assets in South America. His family is reported to have
      claimed the body and officially tied up all his assets, effects,
      records, etc. The legal ongoings are likely to permanently suppress
      any and all technical lab notes, descriptions, etc.

      Unknown to the authorities investigating his death, DeGeus was on his
      way to Europe to receive very substantial funding to put his invention
      into mass production and marketing.

      Importance of the DeGeus Invention

      As an example of the importance of this probably-now-lost "free energy
      from the vacuum" invention, consider an electric car with a much
      smaller DeGeus wafer assembly "battery pack" using self-powering
      "batteries" taking all their energy output continually from the
      seething vacuum. As can be seen, suddenly one has eliminated the
      recharging of batteries for the electric car, and is now using a
      "permanent, self-powering battery" instead. Thus one has achieved the
      dream of a "self-powering electric auto", taking all its input energy
      cleanly from the active vacuum environment itself, without need of
      burning physical fuel to run the car or recharge the battery. In
      short, a car also without harmful emissions that damage and pollute
      the biosphere and contribute to global warming.

      Use of a larger DeGeus battery, together with an alternator, would
      also produce a self-powering unit capable of powering the average home
      with AC power. Many other applications are obvious, as is also the
      tremendous impact of such a developed technology upon our present
      consumption of hydrocarbon fuels, nuclear fuel rods, etc.

      If Assassination, Explanation of How It Was Done

      So a question arises as to whether this was just a simple "accidental"
      heart attack, or whether it could have been a very professional
      assassination to suppress the inventor and his invention. While we
      cannot definitively answer that question, we can explain exactly how
      such an assassination could have been done, which would have given the
      victim a massive heart attack or stroke or both, resulting in his death.

      The standard method of assassination to provide a certified autopsy
      report of "death by natural causes" is the little EM beam "shooter"
      using the Venus ECCM technique ­ i.e., warping of its wavefront ­ to
      destroy the body's control of its heartbeat. There are two basic
      sizes: One is about the size of a dime-store pocketbook, and has an
      effective range of something like 30 feet or so. The other is the size
      of a bazooka (shoulder-held rocket launcher) and its beam is effective
      at a range of about 200 feet or so. It also is often used with
      infrared sighting, to fire through a wall at a person (say, in a room
      on the second floor) by aiming at his infrared change and signature
      detected outside the building.

      A person struck by this Venus-technique warped wavefront beam has a
      sudden interruption of all control of his heartbeat, and so his heart
      goes into instant, uncontrolled, and violent fibrillation. Exposure to
      the main beam for 10 seconds or more is almost certain to result in
      death of the individual, by a resulting massive heart failure, stroke,
      or both.

      My colleague Ken Moore and I were struck with just such a beam from a
      small Venus beam shooter, in the inside breast coatpocket of the
      assassin, in a restaurant here in Huntsville several years ago. We
      both felt the beam and the instant fibrillation. I personally saw the
      assassin, about 20 feet away from us and well-dressed in suit and tie,
      pull back his coat front and point that book-sized shooter at us.
      Fortunately we were seated right beside the emergency exit from the
      dining room, and I knew about Venus technique shooters and their
      drastic effects. So we just immediately jumped right through that
      exit, setting off all the alarms, but getting out of the beam in just
      a few seconds. So we lived to tell the tale.

      If this were indeed used in the DeGeus death case, it would have been
      very simple for the assassin to simply approach him while he was still
      sitting in his just-parked car, hit him with the beam and hold it on
      him for, say, 30 seconds to a minute, then close his coat and simply
      walk away. And no one would have been the wiser, till the victim was
      found by someone in his car, either dead or dying.

      There is the information for the reader's review. The reader will have
      to make up his own mind as to what probably really happened, and
      whether it was truly an act of nature (a normal heart attack) or a
      deliberately induced heart failure (an assassination using the
      standard Venus shooter).

      Other Similar Incidents

      There are of course other incidents similar to this. Stan Meyer, a
      well-known inventor who apparently got his watergas working well,
      rushed from a restaurant and shouted "They're killing me!" (Some
      reports stated he shouted "They're poisoning me"), and then collapsed
      and died. Simply Google on the web, for many articles on Stan Meyer,
      his invention, the threats to his life, and his strange death.

      An Australian researcher and friend of mine also had a colleague who
      was assassinated in an upstairs room by a shot from the street below,
      using the larger bazooka-sized Venus shooter. The other persons there
      actually observed the assassin load the bazooka-shaped shooter back
      into his vehicle and speed away.

      In Conclusion

      All we can state for certain is that (1) lots of inventors of
      successful watergas, self-powering systems, etc. have been severely
      warned or in some cases killed. (2) Many other "free energy from the
      active medium" inventors have been threatened, bought out, or killed ­
      or experienced a mysterious death (we tell neophytes to be careful,
      else one can have a "sudden suicide" on one's way to the supermarket!)
      (3) The Venus electronic countermeasures technique is well-known and
      established. (4) I have personally experienced just such an
      assassination attempt, with my good friend Lieutenant Colonel
      (retired) Ken Moore with me and also experiencing the weapon effects
      and our very rapid escape in the nick of time. So I have a
      corroborating witness.

      Nonetheless, the interested reader will have to take it from there and
      draw his or her own conclusions about the DeGeus incident. Was it just
      a curious natural heart attack, or was it a deliberate assassination?

      Hopefully, time will tell.




      <<end snip>>
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