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591Re: [evworld] Re: more coverage of gas prices in U.S.

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  • murdoch
    Mar 13, 2003
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      On Wed, 12 Mar 2003 20:50:25 -0800, you wrote:

      >James Slayden at jslayden@... wrote:
      >> I am all for the price of gas in the US rising to European prices, so then
      >> it will give biofuels a chance.
      >I'd rather it be a conscious decision rather than the economic wreckage we'd
      >all experience with really high oil prices - after all right now, biodiesel
      >is about 1/3 the cost of petroleum diesel right now, yes?

      James and I others have been discussing this off and on in a couple of
      heavy-traffic groups called "biofuel" and "biofuel-biz" that you can
      join here, depending on your areas of interest.


      I think I also have some confusion as to the cost of biodiesel, but my
      working take on it is:

      1. If you make it entirely on your own, get the best possible deals
      on waste from restauraunts, etc., you can get your costs below $1.00
      per gallon (maybe even well below that), so then, yes, your answer
      would be about right.

      2. The present retail price of biodiesel at the pump can be taken
      from a couple of places we've been discussing in the northern
      California area and is about $2.75 per gallon. I'm not sure how we
      get from under $1.00 per gallon to nearly $3.00 per gallon, how much
      of that is increased raw materials cost, labor and other overhead,
      taxes, transport, etc. While this retail price "seems" high when so
      many do-it-yourselfers have been extolling to us the very low costs of
      making biodiesel, I think it's a real triumph to be able to say "you
      can go buy it at thus-and-such station, with no hassle" so the higher
      cost to me was a secondary matter that can perhaps be discussed going
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