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5778Re: Electric Forklift Design Expertise, ... Any Applicability To PHEV Prototypin

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  • murdoch_1998
    Dec 1, 2005
      --- In evworld@yahoogroups.com, "Forbes Bagatelle-Black"
      <diarmaede@y...> wrote:
      > I just spent several days with an Electro Energy board member. I can
      > assure you that they have every intention of scaling up production to
      > commercial levels ASAP.

      Odd, but this paragraph didn't come through to my email reader. I
      wonder what the computer problem is on my computer. Now that I'm
      accessing via the web I can see it.

      Anyway, now that I read your response on the web, I can only say that
      I'm glad to have your knowledge of both charging and also both on
      Electro Energy. That said, I do not take victory for-granted that
      they will make it. I'm sure they do have every intention of scaling
      up, but that does not mean they will succeed, or that ECD won't get in
      the way with a lawsuit or that somehow demand won't materialize as
      they thought it would, or whatever.

      >Keep in mind that many of the same people are
      > involved as were involved with EverCell, the Nickel Zinc company that
      > tried to go big time a few years ago. EverCell built an impressive
      > factory in CT and formed a partnership with another big factory in
      > China. Their problem was the product and product marketing. They
      > tried to sell a ridiculously expensive battery pack for trolling
      > motors for small fishing boats. It cost too much and nobody needed
      > it, so it flopped.
      > Electro Engergy's bi-polar NiMH battery is going to get
      > commericialized as a BEV/PHEV battery. This is a much better target
      > market. Auto companies have much deeper pockets than trolling motor
      > companies, so they can afford the upfront NRE/R&D costs. They can
      > also wait a bit longer for return on their investments. And, most
      > importantly, the potential market for PHEVs is HUGE.

      It may be that the market is huge, but that does not necessarily mean
      the auto companies will recognize it. They have been dragged kicking
      and screaming into any implementation of allowing consumers to source
      a non-petroleum-industry-fuel and to this day there are no vehicles on
      the market which allow such except maybe for biofuel vehicles (and
      those non-petroleum-industry fuels are still in limited supply to

      So, I hope you're right, but I will take a wait-and-see attitude.
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