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5617Panasonic Oxyride Car

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  • murdoch
    Nov 1, 2005
      bcc: various

      The batteries in question here are non-rechargeable AA
      batteries of very high energy storage (apparently).

      This is a rather unique (and unintended, I think)
      demonstration, I think, of the potential energy efficiencies
      of Battery-powered cars....

      This car can take a smallish person, on just two
      non-rechargeable AA batteries, up to 1 mile @ about 2.23
      miles per hour.

      From the last link, it looks to me as though these
      disposables are great, but rechargeable NIMH or other
      batteries (such as non-rechargeable advanced Lithiums) could
      take a person even further. So, the idea is not to imply
      that this is necessarily an advancement in batteries for the
      ages or for all purposes, but yet another demonstration of
      the potential for advancement, in general, in batteries, and
      how remarkable things can be done in energy-efficient
      transportation with just a bit of energy from batteries.

      Once we get energy into a suitable form and store it, we can
      use it very efficiently in transportation,.... apparently.