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  • Arcologic@aol.com
    Oct 7, 2005
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      Lee, got milk?

      Were you thinking of using an ET (electric truck) to haul your groceries?
      Or, how about the transporter that brings your EV from the factory?

      A huge share of transportation fuel goes to vehicles not suited for battery
      power. We need to continue research on more efficient and clean diesel
      engines, running on non-fossil fuel of course.

      An electric drive /motor behind the diesel engine might be a good
      improvement, don't know. For heavy duty trucks, another pressing need is some
      leadership toward better aerodynamic design.

      Ernie Rogers

      Lee said,

      Biofuels will be one important part of the solution.
      > But using electricity for world
      > transportation will be the ultimate answer. Even
      > biofuels will be much more practical
      > and efficient when used in an electric drive
      > vehicle.

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