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4817Re: [evworld] "How to Live Without Oil": Amory Lovins Newsweek Article

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  • Dave Cline
    Aug 1, 2005
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      Thanks for the link.

      What Amory has been pushing for a few years now, leveraging material
      science advances.

      Two points:
      The whaling industry did not have major lobying forces and deep
      relationships with the government of the day.


      "What's needed are smart business strategies and enlightened
      government policies..."

      - if that's not an oxymoron with regards to the current Bush regime I
      don't know what is.

      I think ELF and their recent attacks against refineries will do more
      to advance the use of alternative fuels than any posturing Lovins
      will ever do.

      Did I say ELF had anything to do with the refinery fires? Nope, wasn't me.

      Dave Cline

      On 8/1/05, murdoch <murdoch@...> wrote:
      > http://msnbc.msn.com/id/8769620/site/newsweek/
      > How to Live Without Oil
      > New energy sources and efficiency could make petroleum obsolete.
      > By Amory B. Lovins
      > Newsweek International
      > Aug. 8, 2005 issue - In 1850, most homes in the United States were lit
      > by lamps that burned whale oil. As demand rose, supply dwindled—whales
      > became shy and scarce—and prices for whale oil climbed. Then
      > alternative fuels such as smokeless, odorless coal-kerosene began to
      > sweep the market. By 1859, when Edwin Drake struck oil in
      > Pennsylvania, five sixths of all whale-oil lamps had switched to the
      > new fuels. The astonished whalers, who hadn't heeded the competition,
      > ran out of customers before they ran out of whales.
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      Dave Cline
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