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4816"How to Live Without Oil": Amory Lovins Newsweek Article

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  • murdoch
    Aug 1, 2005
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      How to Live Without Oil
      New energy sources and efficiency could make petroleum obsolete.

      By Amory B. Lovins
      Newsweek International

      Aug. 8, 2005 issue - In 1850, most homes in the United States were lit
      by lamps that burned whale oil. As demand rose, supply dwindled—whales
      became shy and scarce—and prices for whale oil climbed. Then
      alternative fuels such as smokeless, odorless coal-kerosene began to
      sweep the market. By 1859, when Edwin Drake struck oil in
      Pennsylvania, five sixths of all whale-oil lamps had switched to the
      new fuels. The astonished whalers, who hadn't heeded the competition,
      ran out of customers before they ran out of whales.
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