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2856Motley Fool Article On Profitability In The Hybrid Battery Business

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  • murdoch_1998
    Nov 1, 2004
      Apparently there was a big deal article in the Wall Street Journal a
      couple of weeks ago that praised ECD as an investment and tried to
      make the case for them.

      I was able to read this analysis on the Motley Fool, which gives one
      person's view, and includes some discussion of other hybrid-battery-
      manufacturers and the prospects for them (Sanyo, Matsushita):


      Then ECD came out with these clarifications on the legality issues:


      I wouldn't bother with this, but basically while the world waits for
      BHEVs and BEVs and what-not, the oil lawyers, and other lawyers,
      have been fiddling and negotiating, so I retain the right to be
      skeptical of the pace of things here.