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  • Rick Woodbury
    Aug 1, 2004
      > It seems to me I have read once or twice articles about college-type
      > contests where teams shoot for the most awesome mileage they can get
      > and throw away virtually every other consideration. The speed
      > traveled, the number of possible passengers, etc. etc... these
      > factors are all subordinated to mileage. And in those contests I'm
      > pretty sure the mileage figures attained have been astounding, I
      > think well into the hundreds of miles per gallon (but I could be
      > wrong... haven't seen this data for years).
      > In any event, I'm not sure how I should view this issue of mileage
      > and energy efficiency.

      When mileage races are run, consideration is not given to crash protection,
      comfort, or anything else that isn't absolutely necessary to go the
      distance. Cars must be safe in collisions and work in every kind of climate.
      All of this requires a lot of weight--about 2,000 lbs minimum. To understand
      the difference, think of the energy it takes you to push a bicycle down the
      street or up a steep hill, then consider if you could push a car weighing
      2,000 lbs up a hill.

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