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2236Bush's Biodiesel Mower

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  • murdoch
    Jun 1, 2004
      Exerpt from this week's evworld.com:

      Bush's Biodiesel Mower
      Just so I don't come off seeming too mean spirited, there is this
      piece of good news out of Crawford. I don't know if the President
      played much of a role in the decision to buy a new diesel mower for
      his Texas home, but according to a recent email from an EV World
      reader, his foreman, Ken Englebrecht, is burning biodiesel

      And that's not the only alternative fuel vehicle on the President's
      retreat. His Ford pickup runs on propane. I had a chance to meet Ken
      and see the presidential truck at the 2002 Clean Cities national
      convention in Oklahoma City. It's certainly encouraging to see that
      someone in the Bush Adminstration takes alternative fuels seriously.
      Maybe "Dubya" should consider appointing Ken Englebrecht run the
      Department of Energy.