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2144Electric Vehicles are a fact of the future,no way around it

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  • James Wilson
    May 5, 2004
      Well said. This world will be using something besides
      gasoline engines in under or at most 30years, If I did
      my figures correct,& the amount of known crede
      reported is correct. I'm only 63,so I might live to
      see mostly EV's on the road.I have read, that Roudolpy
      Diesel,was working on a way for the farmer's,to raise
      thier own fuel,when he invented the Diesel Cycle
      Engine. I recall a talk that my brother in law,& I had
      in the 60's, about Front Wheel Drive. I said it would
      be the way the auto industry would go,for the large
      part. He didn't think so. We had very few Radial tires
      at the time,that made a big difference. Regards to
      all. JW

      --- manuel grimaud <medman9it@...> wrote:
      > Well written MURDOCH,
      > This is why I say lets get the bull by the
      > horns...us the meek.
      > Check out www.treffpunktzukunft.com
      > Site in german but if you brouze a bit anyone can
      > get the gist of the potential of this EV..
      > Lead acid batteries can propell a small EV at 120kmh
      > for 120km.
      > Company had to refrain from production and now is
      > selling EV as patent /under license to interested
      > parties.
      > The problem is that the car manufacturing companies
      > keep promissing high tech (illusive) EV that they do
      > not want to materialize for a number of reasons.
      > Mainly because as long as they keep promissing they
      > keep to benefit from governemental funding.
      > So, please do not think that I am in any way biased
      > as regards to the EV I refere to. It is simply that
      > there are some 140 units on the road which I have
      > tested personally.
      > Lead acid batteries are here and cheap. NOW.
      > The EV works and has been on the roads of Germany
      > for more that 7 years.
      > BUT production was halted some 3 years ago due to
      > pressure from car makers there.
      > Thank you
      > MG

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