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13731no PHEVs for rent in many areas, and the reasons offered by the rental organizations

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  • murdoch
    Oct 17, 2013
      bcc: various

      Here near Tucson, there are none for rent at any price. No Prius
      Plug-ins or C-Max Energi or Fusion Energi or Volts. Nothing from
      Enterprise or Avis or Hertz. Nada.

      Since I got a Nissan Leaf, I have spent a lot of money renting
      gasoline cars whether here or when traveling. I always ask for a PHEV
      and never get one. I then work my way down to a HEV and sometimes am
      able to get one. We do not seem to be moving with any urgency toward
      making just a few PHEVs available for rent in many of the markets that
      don't have those vehicles for rent.

      I am wondering if others who follow EV issues are studying or focusing
      on this matter. The company executives are professional when you
      speak with them, but the excuse-making is, in my fallible view,
      somewhat reminiscent of the excuse-making of the automakers circa

      One reason from Enterprise that I have heard is that they take what is
      made available to them by the auto companies and so this is a
      contributing reason there are no Volts available for rent in my area,
      but there are Nissan Leafs available for rent in my area. If (for the
      sake of discussion) there is truth to this, then how hard are they
      really trying to make GM and other auto OEMS aware they'd be
      interested in some Volts and other PHEVs? And how hard are GM and
      other auto OEMs trying to place Volts and other PHEVs into the major
      rental fleets throughout the country?

      I think some rental agencies would express concern about BEVs
      regarding customer range issues and even some customers being
      stranded. I'd say if they *really* have those concerns, then surely
      they must be aware that PHEVs are a great answer to that type of
      concern, and so why not start renting them out today?