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13722good deals (by some standards) out there on 2012 RAV4 EVs (the ones with the Tesla Powertrains, 41.8 kWh LiB and 100+ mile range)

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  • murdoch
    Mar 31, 2013
      bcc: a few parties:


      Yes, Toyota is in some ways playing the same old stupid games, but
      even though they limited production to 2600 vehicles, and limited
      sales by putting a $50k price tag on them and only really making them
      available in California, the good news is:

      The real-world price after Toyota incentives is down to about $40k,
      and that is prior to federal and state income tax credit incentives,
      so the final price to someone who can use all the income tax
      incentives would be down to about $30k + I guess tax + misc. + maybe
      EVSE garage install.

      These are the vehicles with the Tesla-manufacturered powertrains (both
      pack and motor?), 41.8 kWh, 100+ mile range and good thermal
      management systems I believe.

      If you want to lease instead of owning, then Toyota is offering these
      for between $400 and $529 per month for 36 months, depending on
      up-front payment.

      If I understand correctly, the vehicle has a good thermal management


      I think it would take some doing to have the vehicle delivered to
      another state outside of California.

      The vehicle does not include quick-charge port. However taking a
      quick look at the specs page, it looks like it can accept a 10 kW
      charge? This is not quick-charging, but it is faster level II
      charging than I have seen with the Leaf.