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13720quite the review from Road & Track: Return to Power: the 2013 Tesla Model S

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  • murdoch
    Mar 24, 2013
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      This is in the April 2013 print edition, with a February 25, 2013 date
      on the online link:

      >Return to Power: the 2013 Tesla Model S
      >The Performance model lives up to its name
      >By Jason Cammisa February 25, 2013 / Photos by Eric McCandless

      Some quotes:

      "...It's the most important car America has made in an
      entire lifetime. ..."

      "....The Tesla Model S is the first electricity-powered car
      that genuinely competes with a similar gasoline-powered car:
      in speed, in everyday usability, and especially in

      obscure but interesting comment on the tech side of things:

      "...Tesla wisely decided against a blended brake system,
      forgoing the cost, complexity, and miserable brake feel that
      plagues almost every electric or hybrid-electric vehicle on
      the road. Instead, fully releasing the accelerator pedal
      engages a user-selectable amount of regeneration. The
      immediate benefit of the setup is that it leaves a
      conventional braking system attached to the pedal; a
      secondary benefit is that, in normal driving, you only
      occasionally need to move your foot to the left pedal.
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