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13665Re: [future-fuels-and-vehicles] EV w/detachable ICE generator

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  • murdoch
    Jun 5, 2012
      Sorry for the delayed response.

      One famous and apparently (as far as we are told) technologically
      successful implementation of this:

      >Rav Long Ranger Hybridizing Trailer

      >AC Propulsion also produced a portable internal combustion powered generator mounted on a trailer known as the Long Ranger that could be towed behind the car and feed power to the batteries during travel. The trailer used a 500 cc Kawasaki engine with a 9.5 U.S. gallon (40 liter) fuel tank and achieved 30 to 35 mpg over at least 20,000 highway miles. It is rated at 20 kW DC output and can maintain 60 to 80 mph. Video footage of the backtracking feature, which allows drivers to easily back a trailer through a set of slalom cones.

      [Default] On Thu, 19 Apr 2012 07:27:28 -0700, MarketMole
      <marketmole@...> wrote:

      >Would it be possible to build an ICE generator such that when you went
      >on long trips with an EV, you could "attach" this generator to your
      >roof, or store it in the trunk, or a dedicated spot under the hood, so
      >that you could use liquid fuel to augment your car's distance
      >Like take a Honda generator with you and plug your car into it while you drive.
      >Could such a generator be built that supplies enough energy, for a
      >long enough duration to make the detachable generator viable and cost
      >I can see buying a pure EV and then renting one of these distance
      >extender generators to take on a trip.
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