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12581Re: MDI Air Car Quick Re-visit

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  • csceadraham
    Feb 2, 2009
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      murdoch <murdoch@...> wrote:

      > It has been a long time since I attempted to figure out
      > what is going on with these guys. A particular issue
      > in my trying to follow them is
      > that their ship has always seemed to be coming in,
      > yet never quite arrives. So, I backed off
      > trying to get frequent accurate updates
      > because things just didn't seem to develop that quickly.
      > I poked around just a little and they still seem to be at it, with a
      > website that claims to provide some relatively recent information.
      > http://www.mdi.lu/english/actualite.php
      > http://www.mdi.lu/actualite.php
      > The French one has a recent news paragraph that has not yet been
      > translated and posted in the English one, but at a glance, it just
      > looks like sort of a listing of some anticipated upcoming events....
      > hard to say if they're significant.
      > They mention "Air Car Forum" discussion group members visiting their
      > factory. I found what looks like the forum here:
      > http://air-car-concept.bb-fr.com/
      > So, some in these yahoo discussion groups may wish to know
      > about that forum, with the disclaimer that for all I know
      > it is just a bit of a semi-front from the company. I did poke
      > around it a bit and it looks more like a company-friendly forum
      > that is in touch with the company,
      > but not directly controlled?
      > MDI Air Car is just one company and may not be representative of the
      > best we may see from air car technology. Over the years I think
      > this has been pointed out by esbuck, among others. In any event,
      > esbuck in these groups has occasionally sought to remind us
      > that air cars are an idea worth keeping in mind, and I am trying
      > to do so. The idea, for
      > me, is not to get tied-down to advocating any one technology, but to
      > advocate better (safer, more efficient, more fun, etc.)
      > transportation and maybe the air car will figure into that.

      Ignoring the MDI history, if an air car were proposed
      for the first time today,
      what would be the principal reasons for doubt?

      --- G.R.L. Cowan, ('How fire can be tamed')
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