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1051(fwd) AC Propulsion's new Li-Ion T-Zero makes its debut!

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  • murdoch
    Sep 1, 2003
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      Recently posted on AC Propulsion's website.


      First Drive of Li-Ion tzero

      Wednesday, August 27th, the Li-Ion tzero was driven for the first
      time. The 90-mile test drive included climbing to the top of Mt.
      Baldy road, a 40-mile loop including a climb to 6000+ feet elevation,
      and a 35-mile highway loop at 70-75 mph. At the end of the test drive
      less than 1/3 of the measured battery capacity had been used. During
      the test drive, the tzero battery exhibited excellent voltage
      uniformity, excellent temperature distribution and control, and high
      discharge rate capability. The Mt. Baldy trip gave the highest
      regenerative energy recapture ratio that we have ever observed,
      demonstrating the high cycle-efficiency of the cells.

      The weight of the tzero is reduced to under 2000 pounds, providing
      significant improvements in acceleration, handling, and efficiency. As
      a complete car, the Li-ion tzero has higher specific energy, in Wh/kg,
      than the RAV4 EV battery pack alone.

      This first drive confirms the benefits of Li-Ion batteries,
      demonstrates the usability of small, commercial, off-the-shelf Li
      cells for automotive applications, and increases our confidence in the
      techniques we have developed for assembling them into automotive

      Testing and development of the Li-Ion tzero continue. The results so
      far justify our moving forward with plans for design and development
      of other vehicle applications for this technology. More extensive
      test results and developments will be posted here in the coming weeks.