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Re: [furt-l] 16 April 1944 Bruckner 5th: 1 PM non-shouting vs. 3 PM shouting

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  • Johan Groenewald
    ... Ok, I m the idiot who fell for the joke! If the date of the message was 1 April I wouldn t have wasted list members time. Concerned about my hearing
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 3, 2003
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      >>> jpgreen@... 03:10:38 02 June 2003 >>>

      >I just discovered a rec.music.classical.recordings newsgroup message in which David Hurwitz wrote the following re. the Brucknerton 2003:

      >Furtwangler's 1944 Bruckner 5 (the famous double performance, where the version
      > from 3PM on April 16 has so many more of those indefinable and intangible yet
      > critically special and transcendental Furtwanglerian qualities when compared to
      > the performance of two hours previously, never mind that the brass are so
      > exhausted that they horn section can be heard shouting its parts for lack of
      > ability get their weary lips into position in time to actually play).


      >I never knew that recordings from two performances from the same day existed. Is the DG release with or without the shouting?

      Ok, I'm the idiot who fell for the joke! If the date of the message was 1 April I wouldn't have wasted list members' time. Concerned about my hearing abilities I listened to the wartime Bruckner 5 last night to check for the shouting. When I noted that the cover gave the recording date as October 1942 I noticed my ability to laugh at myself.

      BTW, when will Frau Elisabeth Furtwangler OK the release of Walter Legge's almost studio-like recording of the rehearsal for the 1951 Bayreuth Beethoven 9th?


      Johan Groenewald

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