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2Re: Network effect basics

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  • durantjud
    Sep 12, 2013
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      Well, the concept is still a good one. The benefit of Yahoo, as I see it, it is an automatic forum. You can create as many topics as you want. The conversation under each topic is "organized" under each topic. If we need to talk about River Rage transportation, that can be a topic. If we want to talk about Audience, that can be a topic.

      Cool stuff. BUT. It is only as good as we get EVERYONE to join the forum. If folks don't join, then they are out of the loop. They can decide if they want to get an email each time a new post is made, or get a "digest" of the info at the end of the day or get nothing. Then they simply have to go to the forum to see what is going on.


      --- In funnelheads@yahoogroups.com, "durantjud" <durantjud@...> wrote:
      > I may not be able to recite Ohm's law but Marketing and communication I
      > understand. Although I am sure I have read about the "network effect"
      > hundreds of times, it was not until one book gave a simple example.
      > Imagine a simple fax machine. By itself, it is useless. Imagine two
      > fax machines, now at a minimum two devices can communicate. Imagine
      > 100. Now how many machines are connected?
      > Same thing is true with email and groups. I will cite the book when I
      > find it. So, this GROUP created for the the Hopkinton Funnel Heads
      > will only be as useful as we have "fax machines" so please spread by
      > email or word of mouth this new site to any and all interested folks
      > and we'll see how it goes.
      > Once we get everyone connected we can be more productive in
      > coordinating efforts. Welcome aboard. Maybe somone else has the
      > ability and time to taket this to the next level by using a more robust
      > platform like wetpaint but for now we will keep it simple.
      > Mr. Jud
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