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DMNS Black Holes: the Other Side of Infinity

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  • Ryan Wyatt
    Posted for Mike Bruno: === Dear Colleagues: To all of those who attended Dan Neafus s talk at IPS 2006 on the making of the new fulldome show Black Holes: the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2006
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      Posted for Mike Bruno:


      Dear Colleagues:

      To all of those who attended Dan Neafus's talk at IPS 2006 on the
      making of the new fulldome show "Black Holes: the Other Side of
      Infinity" or caught the screening of the show during the Planetarium
      Showcase (and to those were not able to attend IPS this year), I
      wanted to let you know that we now have a demo DVD available to
      anyone interested in licensing the show. The DVD contains the full
      show, trailer, interviews with scientists, "the making of" and more.
      If you'd like a copy, please reply off-list to mbruno@...,
      or call me at 610-459-5200 x 173.

      The DMNS team worked closely with director Thomas Lucas, leading
      visualization scientists and the National Center for Supercomputing
      Applications (same folks who did the amazing cosmic zoom sequence in
      the Imax film "Cosmic Voyage" and a large part of the first two AMNH
      shows) to bring to the dome screen the latest research on black
      holes. All visualizations are based on *real science* that informs
      the entire program. Produced with grants from NASA's high-energy
      GLAST telescope project and funding from the National Science
      Foundation, the show has been thoroughly peer-reviewed and audience-
      tested through various focus groups. Summative evaluations were
      recently completed in Denver and are available on request.

      The Gates Planetarium at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science
      featured the world premiere of "Black Holes" in March, sold out every
      seat and has since had to add shows to accommodate demand. Many in
      attendance (more than 100,000 visitors have seen the show in the
      first six months!) described it as "the best planetarium show ever".
      Since its April 2006 release, we have licensed "Black Holes" to
      digital planetaria large and small, including the Eugenides
      Foundation in Athens; LASM in Baton Rouge; OMSI in Portland;
      Dolphinarium and Planetarium in Tampere, Finland; State Museum of
      Harrisburg; Chabot Science Center in Oakland, and others. "Black
      Holes" is compatible with all fulldome systems.

      An added bonus -- Lynn Cominsky's group at Sonoma State (NASA's
      educational public outreach arm for the Swift and GLAST satellites)
      is also offering teacher workshops on black holes at no cost to a
      limited number of American venues that license the show.

      Additional details about the "Black Holes" show and a trailer are
      available at:
      (also see Educator's Guides here); reviews and some interesting
      articles can be found at

      A final note: "Black Holes" director Lucas is putting the finishing
      touches on a companion NOVA documentary titled "Monster of the Milky
      Way," also funded by the NSF, that will air on PBS in October.

      Mike Bruno
      Creative Media Director
      E&S Spitz
      700 Brandywine Drive
      Chadds Ford, PA 19317
      tel: 610.459.5200 x173
      fax: 610.459.3830
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