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"Wonders" at LodeStar

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  • Beining, David
    Time to share a bit of good news: We [the LodeStar Astronomy Center] opened Evans & Sutherland s Wonders of the Universe on 22 March with an original
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2001
      Time to share a bit of good news:

      We [the LodeStar Astronomy Center] opened Evans & Sutherland's "Wonders of
      the Universe" on 22 March with an original soundtrack we developed. E&S was
      kind enough to grant us permission to create new sounds due to our
      impassioned plea to tell a somewhat different story and work with the
      (almost embarrassingly rich) talent-pool of supporters we're fortunate to
      have hiding in the high desert. So, as a unique partnership of E&S and
      LodeStar (con supporters) we presented our version of "Wonders." Kudos to
      Mr. Don Davis and E&S for stunning visuals that became even more inspired
      when driven by the sounds of Michael Stearns who composed and sculpted the
      music and sounds for our soundtrack. (Mr. Stearns' pedigree includes many
      IMAX(tm) and ride films as well as Hollywood scores and trailers. He's also
      a master of sonic design in 5.1/DTS/any spatial configuration.)

      For a sense of how our audience has reacted to the show, please take a
      moment to read the opinion of a local science writer for the Albuquerque

      Our partnership with E&S allows for us to lease our soundtrack as an
      alternative to the original. Details to follow. We'll present our
      soundtrack at MAPS. Holler off-list if you have Qs.

      Now, please take a moment read this wonderful review. For more than 15
      years I've worked journalism (first) and museums/informal (second) and have
      never read such an impassioned endorsement of an educational effort:


      It's quite rewarding to know somebody walked away with the precisely
      intended result -- and for that person to espouse it so well. Again,
      kudos to E&S and our local team.


      david beining
      interim director
      LodeStar Astronomy Center
      1801 Mountain Road, NW
      Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104
      505.841.5985 (off)
      505.280.3601 (cel)
      505.841.5999 (fax)
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