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ICH² – Intermedia dance performance for planetariums

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  • tom duscher
    Invitation ICH² – Intermedia dance performance for planetariums The intermedia dance performance ICH² faces the callange of the digital theatre and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2006
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      ICH� � Intermedia dance performance for planetariums

      The intermedia dance performance ICH� faces the callange of the
      digital theatre and combines dance theatre with immersive and
      interactive 360 degree motiondesign.

      The Premiere of ICH� will be held on June 08 at 7:30 p.m., Mediadome
      in Kiel, Germany.

      Further performance dates: June 10, 11, 18 and 24, beginning at
      7:30 p.m.

      For more information and ticket reservation please call +49 (0)
      431-210-1741 (Tuesday to Friday, 8:30 - 11:00 a.m.) or visit the
      performance-website: www.ich-quadtrat.de (English version soon to come).

      Project Description

      ICH� (Me to the power of 2) is a ReACT collaboration of the Muthesius
      college of art in Kiel (www.muthesius.de), especially the Digital
      Media/Intermedia department of Prof. Tom Duscher, the ballet from the
      city of Kiel with the director and head of choreography Mario
      Schr�der as well as Eduard Thomas, director of the Mediadome of the
      University of Applied Sciences in Kiel (www.mediendom.de).

      ICH� is a unique installation for an extra-ordinary space: a
      planetarium including a 360 degrees moving image projection. State-of-
      the-art projection technology is merging with dance theatre and
      interactive media into a fascinating wholesome piece of art, is
      modifying it and allowing a completely new kind of production: dancer
      and media together create an artistic environment that involves the
      audience in a new way.

      The impact of the imagery and the intensively short proximity of the
      performers, forms a high level of immersion. Hardly has a visitor
      been closer to the dancers. This turns standard planetariums into
      experimental Digital Theatres, in which man and technology are part
      of a unique experience of symbiosis.

      The main area of research for project ReACT was the advancement of
      real-time tracking-technology in regard of the spacial and technical
      characteristics of planetariums. While usually linear image sets were
      shown, the use of reactive software allowed interactivity and
      manipulation of the projected content.

      Concept: With the help of installed cameras and sensors attached to
      the performer�s body, movements in the space can be tracked and
      transmitted to a computer system based on vvvv, a toolkit for real
      time video synthesis.

      A specially programmed software interprets the dancer�s movements in
      real-time, which in turn is then projected onto the dome as
      interactive projection and stage backdrop. This allows to create a
      digital double of the dancer: Motion Tracking as duplication process.
      This sensory tracking system is used as well for the audio part of
      the production. The acoustic input is used as impulse for the digital
      image generation so that the visuals are synchronized in real-time.
      In this way a reactive visual and audio world is created, that
      synergetically re-interprets the image and audio composition.
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