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SIGGRAPH Invitation

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  • Ed Lantz
    Hi all, I am organizing a full-day course for SIGGRAPH 2001 in Los Angeles this August (http://helios.siggraph.org/s2001/conference/courses/index.html). This
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2001
      Hi all,

      I am organizing a full-day course for SIGGRAPH 2001 in Los Angeles this
      August (http://helios.siggraph.org/s2001/conference/courses/index.html).
      This is a final request for participation for fulldome Producers, Theaters,
      and Vendors. We will be publishing our course notes on the SIGGRAPH Course
      Notes CD-ROM set. I would like to showcase leading dome video
      producers/animators and samples of their work, list vendor contacts and
      product descriptions, and provide profiles of existing or planned theaters.
      If you are interested in participating, please get the following to me by
      April 9:


      Please provide:

      1) Text file of 1500 words or less including:
      Producer's name, title, affiliation and contact info.
      Brief Bio
      Title of Work
      Length of Work
      Credits for Work (Producer, animator, scriptwriter, soundtrack credits,
      Brief Description of Work (Story description)
      Production Tools Used (incl. Modeling/Rendering/Animation Software,
      Discussion of Production Challenges, Creative Solutions, etc.

      2) Selected uncompressed stills from production (fisheye format or

      3) Optional: Brief Quicktime movie from production (use QuickTime w/Sorenson

      Remember, this is a non-commercial write-up! Total memory allocation on
      CD-ROM is 75MB for all course notes and supplementary material, so please
      keep files as small as possible. Submitted material will be reviewed for
      quality and edited as required. Selected material will be submitted for
      publication on the CD-ROM as space allows.


      I am listing all theaters with dome video systems and featuring a few
      selelct theaters for additional focus... if you want your theater mentioned
      in our talk, I am looking for the following:

      o name of facility, location, website and brief mission statement for
      o contact person and email address for theater
      o a description of your facility including dome size, number of seats, etc.
      o manufacturer of your video system and type of system if applicable
      o number of video channels and playback source resolution (specify source if
      not hard-drive based i.e. DVD)
      o type of video projectors used (CRT size, model)
      o video image field-of-view
      o original photos and any video clips you would like to share of
      your shows (see PRODUCERS above)
      o description of any production facilities, including hard drive capacity,
      tape backup format, render capacity, etc.
      o anything else you would like to share... positive experiences, visions for
      future, etc. - keep it brief


      I want this course to be a balanced look at the dome video market and
      vendors without vendor (i.e. Spitz) bias. Help me out here! Please send me
      photos, marketing info, etc. that I can use in my introductory presentation,
      or any other material to be included in our discussion of rendering
      techniques, immersive production tips, etc. Original work and photos will
      be credited as requested. Please provide a paragraph or list describing
      your product offerings and contact info including address, phone, email, web
      URL, and contact person. I will provide a list of vendors in my live
      presentation and on the CD-ROM.


      All content submitted must be copyright cleared (see


      Ed Lantz
      Spitz, Inc.

      P.S. - Following is the course overview:

      Computer Graphics for Large-Scale Immersive Theaters
      Monday, August 13, Full Day, 8:30 am - 5 pm
      SIGGRAPH 2001, Los Angeles

      Large-scale video projection of immersive environments is revolutionizing
      planetaria and dome theaters worldwide. Using multiple edge-blended video
      projectors, these systems project ultra-wide-field-of-view, high-resolution
      images on dome screens. This course surveys large-scale immersive video
      systems offered by major manufacturers and showcases several new
      installations and their productions. Industry leaders provide a
      comprehensive look at both real-time and pre-rendered immersive video
      production techniques for entertainment and education applications.

      General knowledge of basic computer graphics theory and practice, including
      perspective projection, modeling, rendering, and animation. Also helpful:
      General knowledge of video projection and visual display basics.

      Immersive show production philosophy and spherical projection basics
      including edge-blended video projection. Production techniques: Spherical
      rendering, cubic rendering, image stitching, spherical image mapping,
      real-time multi-pipe image generation, and group interactivity with
      real-time graphics systems.


      Ed Lantz
      Spitz, Inc.


      Ed Lantz

      Ben Shedd
      Department of Computer Science, Princeton University
      Shedd Productions, Inc.

      Brad Thompson
      Spitz, Inc.

      Carter Emmart
      American Museum of Natural History

      Martin Ratcliffe
      Exploration Place, Inc.

      Don Davis
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