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A Planetarian's Primer For Fulldome

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  • Mark C. Petersen
    Hi, all. Here at Loch Ness Productions, we ve been getting a lot of questions about fulldome video technology. Many begin with I m considering fulldome for
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2006
      Hi, all.

      Here at Loch Ness Productions, we've been getting a lot of questions
      about fulldome video technology. Many begin with "I'm considering
      fulldome for our planetarium, but I don't know where to start..."

      We've had a "Fulldome Video" section on our Web site for quite a
      while, but now we've added to it "A Planetarian's Primer For
      Fulldome" in which we provide some answers. We invite you to check it out at:


      We've also enhanced our Fulldome Resources page, where you find many
      helpful links to fulldome system manufacturers, and sources for
      domes, software, and more. It's at:


      And while we're on the subject, I'd like to remind everyone that
      we're maintaining the Fulldome Theater Compendium ONLINE! This is
      part of an ongoing effort to identify the world's fulldome digital
      theaters, their production capabilities, formats and need for
      content. We welcome everyone interested in fulldome theaters and
      fulldome technology to view the online listings, and encourage all
      operators of fulldome theaters to take a few minutes to update your
      facility's data by submitting an Update Form while you're on the
      site. You can view the Fulldome Theater Compendium at:


      There are more than 200 theaters with fulldome technology already,
      and at least 15 providers of fulldome systems. It's an exciting,
      dynamic growth industry!

      Happy Web surfing, and all the best!

      >> Mark

      Mark C. Petersen mark@...
      Loch Ness Productions http://www.lochnessproductions.com
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