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Announcement: Workshop in Immersive Cinema

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  • david mcconville
    Sending this out for António Pedrosa (fulldome@multimeios.pt): Announcement WORKSHOP IN IMMERSIVE CINEMA 1st European Workshop in FullDome September: 12-16,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2005
      Sending this out for António Pedrosa (fulldome@...):

      1st European Workshop in FullDome
      September: 12-16, 2005
      Espinho, Portugal


      Organized by Navegar Foundation, the workshop will be held in September 2005 at the Centro Multimeios de Espinho, Portugal.

      Immersive Cinema is a new approach to Cinema, where the image covers a substantial fraction of the visual field of the spectator, like surround sound covers the audio field. In order to have a high quality image, both in brightness and resolution, the projection is usually made using several projectors, where the video sources are usually computers.

      The number of theatres has been growing steeply all around the world. Usually these theatres are located in cultural centres, museums and thematic parks. The areas that have been profiting with this new technology have been education and cultural awareness. However, it is now migrating through other areas, mainly pure entertainment, using animation techniques or even to the production of feature films.

      The workshop will cover different aspects, like the projection and projection systems, content creation, direction, production and production tools.

      To our knowledge, this is the first European workshop in the field, and will try to give to an European audience an opportunity to start in this new kind of cinema, and gather for the first time the European community on this subject.

      An emphasis is made in the training quality. The lecturers, top on their fields, are coming from around the world. In order to assure the training quality, a scientific committee was established with several personalities of the field, which has the responsibility to advice on the subjects and lecturers invited to the workshop. Speakers:

      Bettina Pfändner, Livinglobe, Ger
      David Mcconville, The Elumenati, USA
      Edward J. Lantz, Visual Bandwidth Inc, USA
      Harald Singer, Livinglobe, Ger
      Johan Gijsenbergs, Sky-Skan Inc, Hol
      Robin Sip, Mirage 3D, Nl
      Staffan Klashed, Sciss AB, Swe
      Tim Florian Horn, Hamburg Planetarium, Ger
      Michael Daut, Evans & Sutherland, USA
      Ian Dyer, SEOS, UK

      The maximum number of participants is 40, and a small number of Grants will be available for students.

      With best regards,
      António Pedrosa
      (Espinho Planetarium Director)

      david mcconville
      612.605.0826 x5
      828.279.7421 (mobile when traveling)
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