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DomeFest 2005 Registration & Program

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  • david
    Hola, Finally, and with the hard work of too many, the DomeFest program and registration info is up on www.domefest.org Please see the program page for the
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      Finally, and with the hard work of too many, the DomeFest program and
      registration info is up on www.domefest.org Please see the program
      page for the schedule and pull the PDF for a little more detail.
      We'll be updating and detailing more as the event approaches.

      There are two tracks to the festival: Special premieres and talks for
      registered DomeFest participants (those registered, fee-based for
      folks who weren't part of this year's festival development) and
      public screenings. Registration will be limited and we ask that
      everyone--including finalists, alternates, sponsors, jurors,
      volunteers, and other supporters--please complete the simple
      registration form so we can count butts. We'd appreciate you doing
      so at your earliest convenience.

      Please let me highlight the events (four world premieres and two
      special screenings for those keeping count):

      Gronk's BrainFlame (Friday evening)
      World premiere and gala opening of a 14-minute fine art and immersive
      experience presented by our impossibly talented friends at the
      University of New Mexico's Digital Pueblo Project, Arts Technology
      Center, and ARTS Lab--three organizations under Prof. Ed Angel's
      vision and passion. Renowned artist Gronk joined forces with master
      fulldome artist Hue Walker--and about 30 teenagers under her tutelage-
      -to create fulldome art expressing/exploring/exploding the creative
      process within an artist's mind. Props to the National Science
      Foundation for their support. Nothing like it ever. Period. More
      at http://artslab.unm.edu

      Origins of Life (Saturday)
      World premiere of this passionate new fulldome astronomy show by
      Mirage3D in The Netherlands. The show takes us from the Big Bang to
      the lighting of life's match on Earth to our search beyond while
      celebrating our need to know, our science. Robin Sip and colleagues
      have worked tremendously hard to get the show ready for its d├ębut
      little old DomeFest and you don't want to miss this. More at

      Real-Time Application Demos (Saturday)
      Okay, we're still working out the details on this one. Cutting-edge
      and all that... Details soon. Or maybe when you get here...

      Juried Show Premiere & Domie Awards (Saturday Evening)
      The heart of the festival. This is a 40-minute ride through some of
      the best and boldest art, science, education and entertainment known
      to dome-kind. It'll take us from Ryan Wyatt's hand-drawn, laptop-
      rendered visions of New York to Donna Cox and friends' NCSA-powered
      scientific visualizations of nature. (Don't tell but it includes a
      sneak peek at Denver Museum of Natural History's new show.) Add some
      fine art by venerable artists, code-based concoctions by some
      freakishly talented computer-types, some fresh university students'
      works, and a sprinkle of outtakes from wonderful fulldome shows and
      you end up with DomeFest 2005's wild ride through the medium. See
      the finalist page or program pdf file on www.domefest.org for more
      and check out our sponsors page; we couldn't do it without them.

      Molecularium: Riding Snowflakes (Sunday)
      A special screening and talk by V Owen Bush and the principals that
      made this magical inner-universe show for the young. See the show
      and hear from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Nanotoon team
      about integrating art and science to take young people into millions
      and billions of atoms in delightful ways you'll never forget. They
      send their thanks to NSF for support as well and you don't want to
      miss these molecules one a big dome. More at:

      Heart of the Sun (Sunday)
      Legendary filmmaker John Weiley presents his first foray into
      fulldome. He defined IMAX 3D with his ground-breaking
      film "Imagine!" and OMNIMAX with his technology-pushing "SolarMax."
      Be the very first in the world to see this new (very very new)
      production and hear Mr. Weiley describe his transition from 'running
      through wet cement' with 70mm cans to working in fulldome. We thank
      the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for helping us bring
      Mr. Weiley to DomeFest (who also served on the 2005 jury.) More at
      (and coming soon to): http://www.helio.com.au/

      International Planetarium Society Fulldome Standards Meeting (Sunday)
      Enough's enough, folks. It's time to get together and agree on how
      this medium (fulldome, full-dome, all-dome???) will move forward. Ed
      Lantz and others will try to hold court on what has to be a lively
      discussion for geeks that follows up on Valencia. Details at fest.

      State of the Medium: A Town-Hall Talk (Sunday evening)
      See even more works and interact with a panel of artist/producer-
      types from all walks of life as we gather to discuss what we'd seen,
      where this medium is headed, and how we can work toward realizing
      fulldome's potential. www.domefest.org


      Oh, hotels: We don' t have an official hotel, but for walking-
      distance to L* try the Sheraton Old Town
      . For a walk on the funkier-side, try the Hotel Blue downtown, a
      perhaps ill-designed, not entirely comfortable (but art deco and good
      location to nightlife) joint about 2 miles from L*.

      And about us: See www.lodestar.unm.edu for info about us and you
      should spend some time in our partner's (New Mexico Museum of Natural
      History & Science) digs (exhibits and 70mm film). Check out

      Please get to www.domefest.org to learn more and register. Many

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