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San Diego Conference Invite

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  • John Young
    Dear Full dome, Western Alliance of Planetariums and Digistar Users Group conference members, I hope you are coming out to visit San Diego to see what we ve
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      Dear Full dome, Western Alliance of Planetariums and Digistar Users Group conference members,

      I hope you are coming out to visit San Diego to see what we've been up to lately, and to catch up on what your colleagues have been doing with the most wonderful toy a person can have, a Planetarium! I've been planning as many fun and educational activities as I can while you are out here. I hope we don't tire you out, but I did not forget to leave a little time to visit with each other in the hospitality lounges in the US Grant Hotel.

      All the major manufacturers of planetarium equipment are going to represented, and most of them are bringing small domes for demonstrations. The papers, workshops and exhibits will be at the US Grant Hotel in the daytime hours, and we will head over to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center for evening presentations.

      Papers will be presented on such diverse topics as the upcoming planetary alignments, audience participation using the Ring World show, the Transit of Venus, marketing your Planetarium, and using specific software for graphics and 3/D production. Matthew Mascheri, Mike Murray, Aaron McEuen, Carter Emmart and Ryan Wyatt will give papers as well as many others.

      I have a big open house planned for the 30th, with the Mars Society showing off their rover, Mars suit and lecturing. The Challenger Center will be open, as will the exhibits and the motion simulator Deep Sea experience. We will get to see the new IMAX movie Volcanoes of the Deep Sea and that great Hubble IMAX movie.

      Unfortunately, the Palomar observatory tour was cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. We will refund payments as soon as the dust settles. If you sent a check, and it was not used yet, it will not be cashed. The general consensus was to have a relaxing evening at the Fleet instead.

      Another space related conference in San Diego opens on the 28th, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics "Space 2004" Sessions and exhibits registration for $40.00 Their web site is here: http://www.aiaa.org/space2004/ <http://www.aiaa.org/space2004/> Stop by there too when you are in town.

      US Grant Registration still open !

      If you did not register at the US Grant Hotel, you still have a chance to stay at one of the nations most charming, historical hotels. The conference rate for WAC and DUG has been extended to the 28th, the day before the conference opens. But don't give poor John heart failure, and register ASAP. The hotel is soon to join the exhaled ranks of the Starwood luxury resort hotels, but I negotiated a good deal for this hotel in the heart of San Diego's gas lamp district. Next year it will be far out of reach, but we can stay there now for $149 per night. If you had trouble getting reservations, or were told the hotel was full for the conference, they were mistaken, and they have been "Spoken To", so please try again at (619) 232-3121 between 8 and 5 PST to ensure you get to talk with the US Grant folks and not some distant call center.

      Mention the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center or DUG or the Western Alliance of Planetariums for the deal.

      Visit the web site for registration
      forms and information - www.rhfleet.org/wac
      See you soon,
      John Young
      Audio Visual Production Specialist
      Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
      PO Box 33303
      San Diego, CA 92163
      John's Office (619) 685-5731
      Receptionist (619) 238-1233

      Western Alliance of Planetariums / Digistar Users Group 2004


      ~ Forces of Nature ~ To Worlds Beyond ~ Coral Reef Adventure ~ Volcanoes of the Deep Sea ~

      Now Showing in Our Space Theater!
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