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Fulldome Visual Music from Digital Chaotics

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  • nada_cloo
    Take a look at the latest of many fulldome visual music videos from Digital Chaotics: Serenity - Music by Delerium, Visual Music by Chaotic
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      Take a look at the latest of many fulldome visual music videos from Digital Chaotics:

      "Serenity" - Music by Delerium, Visual Music by Chaotic  (click to view)

      Many of my visual music pieces have been done specifically for fulldome, and can be previewed on my YouTube channel by clicking the Fulldome Videos link.

      While you're there, be sure to check out the totally awesome Fulldome Nutcracker Suite (click to view).  If you're looking for something new and interesting to show this Christmas, then the Fulldome Nutcracker Suite is exactly the video you're looking for.  Versions are available in sizes from 1K to 4K.  Your license includes the appropriate sub-license to play the included performance of The Nutcracker Suite by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  Licenses are available for any three pieces of The Suite, or the complete set of eight.  Licenses extend for three or seven year spans, starting as low as $500 for portable domes.

      Pricing vary according to license duration and theater seating capacity.

      Also available from Digital Chaotics:
      • Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme to "2001: A Space Odyssey") including fully-licensed music - starting at just $200 for portables, and only $1200 for a seven-year license for domes with seating capacities of 200 or more.
      • More amazing visual music pieces, perfect warmups for those Friday and Saturday night shows - EDM, Trance, Rock, New Age, and Psychedelic - something for nearly every taste.  Anything you see on my YouTube channel could become a dome video (assuming the music licensing issues can be worked out, of course).  Licenses start at $500 for portables and easily-licensed music.  (I have existing arrangements with a number of smaller music labels, including Ultimae Records, Cosmicleaf Records, Tempest Records, Twisted, as well as a variety of independent artists, with more in the works.)
      • Beautiful DomeSaver seamless loops.  Just add music, and you have the perfect walk-in and chill-out video (as low as $50 for a one minute loop)
      Also, I can create custom-designed show openers - audience eye-openers made just for your planetarium, complete with your own logo and music.  Let everyone know that it's YOUR dome.  (Custom development and rendering fees start at $500.)

      Interested in learning more?  Send an e-mail to:  info--at--digitalchaotics.com  (Spam prevention:  fix the '--at--' for the correct address)


      Ken Scott
      Mad Scientist at Digital Chaotics
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