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EXOPLANETS Full DOme Show: MORE New images!

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  • nate smith
    Hello Everyone, Production on our new ExoPlanets: Worlds Of Wonder Full Dome Show is right on schedule and the film is looking fantastic.  As stated before,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2013
      Hello Everyone,

      Production on our new ExoPlanets: Worlds Of Wonder Full Dome Show is right on schedule and the film is looking fantastic.  As stated before, it will be available this Spring.

      We have included a link to another image from the film.  Please take a look and let us know what you think.  We are offering a special Pre-Licensing deal.  Order
      the show before April and you will receive a 20% discount!  Contact Nathan Smith
      at agelessnate@... for more information.   


      production still is a detail study of the lead character in the movie, The EXO. 1
      Unit.  A robotic Space Probe, the EXO. 1 is equipped with the most
      advanced technology ever created, including Trans-Star Drive engines,
      Artificial Intelligence Medi-Brain processors and the world's first
      Galactic Positioning System (GPS), all perfectly designed for exploring
      deep space planetary bodies. 

      And for all of you who did not get a chance to see our last revealed image, we have included a link to that as well.


      ExoPlanets: Worlds Of Wonder follows
      mankind's first Space Probe as it journeys outside our solar system to
      the many new worlds astronomers are discovering beyond. Audiences will
      visit Gas Giants caught in a deadly dance with their host stars, frozen
      rogue planets hurling through space, molten rocky worlds now known to
      science and new planets drifting comfortably within the Goldilocks Zone.

      ExoPlanets: Worlds Of Wonder covers
      the National Earth and Space Science Standards for grades K-9, not only
      educating about other worlds, but also teaching audiences about how
      special Earth and our solar system truly are.  It combines the best of
      hand-crafted animation with state-of-the-art visual effects to educate
      audiences in a fascinating way. 

      Over the coming
      weeks, prepare for more, including the ExoPlanets: Worlds Of Wonder trailer.

      Geoffrey Marcy, world-leading astronomer in Extra Solar Planet
      Discoveries, described the screenplay as, "Absolutely glorious.  It
      artfully captures the science, the beauty, and the wonder of the new
      worlds we are discovering."  
      learning about geology has never been more fun with our show "Dinosaur
      Passage To Pangaea", now available for Full Dome in 2D and 3D, with an
      all-new 20 minute version ready for licensing.  It is perfect for your
      Elementary and Jr. High school groups, young children and families.  
      Kyra Elliott, Planetarium Director of The Children's Museum of
      Hartford, CT, said " It's a very successful show. Naturally, kids like
      dinosaurs. Also, in the planetarium world, the majority of content
      available at this time is Computer generated. The 'claymation' style of
      this show sets it apart visually from other content available and it
      also has an engaging and creative story.  The geology information is
      very in-depth and well presented." If you would like more information about either of these shows, please contact Nathan Smith at agelessnate@....

      Thank you,

      Nathan Smith
      Tandem Motion Picture Studio
      Direct, 801 949 6713
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