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  • dbeining@nmmnh.state.nm.us
    Hola, DomeFest is very much about supporting experimentation, sharing works, and enhancing communication as this exciting medium (in its many configurations
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2004

      DomeFest is very much about supporting experimentation, sharing works, and
      enhancing communication as this exciting medium (in its many configurations
      and coming iterations.)

      Also, part of DomeFest's mission is to get this stuff--this crazy wonderful
      stuff--out to theaters and their constituents as way to excite people about
      these theaters and this intoxicating medium. Sky-Skan is supporting
      distribution, so if you want to screen it, contact Steve Savage or me.

      I'd very much like DomeFest 2005 to support standards development--which
      will happen only through community-building, IMO.

      I'm revising DomeFest's means and ways for 2005. We'll be updating the web
      site in the next month or so, but here are a few key changes: First, the
      preliminary submissions will be due earlier--11 Feb 05--and will require
      productions be more developed than last year's 'placeholders.' Jurying will
      take place at LodeStar so everyone sees the same thing on the same dome and
      communication/fights are as robust as possible. Final submissions will also
      be due earlier to give us more time to cut the show. (I want to remove the
      slates and have the show flow more naturally than this year's.) Tentative
      deadline: 18 May 05. We haven't scheduled the festival days yet (we do that
      in conjunction with the DigiFest SouthWest Film Festival, it will be

      I'd also like the DomeFest juried show to be entirely about production and
      be absolutely vendor neutral. This year we ran vendor trailers and demo
      reels (you may have noticed their logos...) to help make the show a
      demonstration of where the medium is in 2004. 2005 needs to be about what
      we are doing with the medium.

      Toward that, I'd love to support a couple days of meetings as part of the
      festival. I think more thinking/dreaming/scheming on all things fulldome
      happened in our informal gatherings (ABQ bars, L*'s observing patio, lower
      media room during the mad dashes toward opening) than any planetarium
      conference I've attended, excluding the IPS Summit.

      I'd also like to continue technology innovations as part of DomeFest. This
      year we had the LucasArts/SecretLevel StarWars(TM) demonstration--generously
      supported by Spitz--and the great program by Kerry Handron and CMU. What
      can be brought to bear next year?

      Finally, LodeStar is a very active member (and a keystone of) the New Mexico
      Media Industries Strategic Plan, an effort to harness and grow the digital
      talents and tools that this state possesses within a rich culture. Part of
      that proposal in supporting efforts like DomeFest and fulldome production.
      I have requests for resources for these efforts, so hopefully poor little
      LodeStar can help with this movement through various means starting with a
      DomeFest 2005 that's even bigger/better than 04.

      More coming as things unfold.


      david beining
      1801 Mountain Road, NW
      Albuquerque, NM 87104

      505.841.5985 (desk)
      505.362.2614 (cel)
      505.841.5999 (fax)
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