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Four New Shows Available from Loch Ness Productions

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  • C. Petersen
    Immensely immersive, dazzlingly beautiful, refreshingly new, and Earth-shakingly dynamic -- all describe the latest shows we have selected to add to the Loch
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2013
      Immensely immersive, dazzlingly beautiful, refreshingly new, and
      Earth-shakingly dynamic -- all describe the latest shows we have
      selected to add to the Loch Ness Productions fulldome catalog of
      educationally diverse offerings! 

      * Earthquake: Evidence of a Restless Planet
      We're pleased and proud to add the latest from the California Academy of
      Sciences' Morrison Planetarium. This sweeping geological journey surveys
      the many forces that lead to changes on the surface of our planet, using
      data-driven visualizations and location photography to bring audiences a
      real feel for the tectonic forces that affect our planet and our lives.
      This is a great show for planetary science and geology classes, as well
      as members of the public curious about just what causes earthquakes, and
      what we're learning about how best to prepare for them.

      * Into the Deep 
      There are two environments particularly suited to the immersive expanse
      of the dome: outer space and underwater scenes. From Austria's Ogrefish
      Filmproductions comes this exemplary documentary, combining marine
      biology and underwater geology with the fascinating history of deep-sea
      exploration. Audiences will experience dives to the "Lost City" and the
      RMS Titanic in the Atlantic, the famed Galapagos "black smokers", and
      the Challenger Deep, the lowest point of the Mariana Trench in the
      We have adapted Into The Deep's original script, and recorded a new
      narration — this time with California-based voiceover actor Jon Mohr
      making his first appearance on the Loch Ness Productions talent roster.

      * Chaos and Order - A Mathematic Symphony
      A virtuoso performance of animation and music, and a refreshingly
      different take on entertainment "light shows" -- a wonderfully
      choreographed journey into the world of mathematics visualization.
       Media artists Rocco Helmchen and Johannes Kraas take audiences on a
      majestic trip through the fascinating world of mathematics.
      This 40-minute tour de force goes beyond the functions and equations to
      show us how math is the underpinning of every structure and event in the
      cosmos. Learn the language of the cosmos in a whole new way, through
      this beautiful and breathtaking immersive program.

      * Cosmic Dance
      And now, for a novel approach to quantum physics...
      How do other cultures see the universe? What stories do they tell about
      the cosmos?
      Cosmic Dance, from filmmaker Harald Singer at LivinGlobe, is an
      intriguing and thought-provoking show that explores the universe through
      the eyes of Leela, a beautiful young Canadian physics student and
      dancer, as she gets in touch with the cosmos through her cultural
      upbringing. It's a fascinating tour of an exotic culture, and gives your
      audiences the chance to see the cosmos through Hindu eyes.
      At Loch Ness Productions, we're always on the lookout to find the best
      the fulldome world has to offer, and to help you bring it to your
      audiences.  We welcome you to our Web site -- where you'll find
      trailers, full-length previews, prices, and online ordering for these
      fine fulldome shows.
      Carolyn Collins PetersenCEO, Loch Ness Productions
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