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Discovery Dome / E-Planetarium events at IPS (new contact info)

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  • Patricia Reiff
    To our partners and friends: We will be posting our latest Discovery Dome newsletter soon, but in the meantime I d like to bring you up to date on developments
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2012
      To our partners and friends:

      We will be posting our latest Discovery Dome newsletter soon, but in the meantime I'd like to bring you up to date on developments at e-Planetarium(R), home of Discovery Dome(R).

      First of all, we had a change of phone service providers, so our new tollfree number is
      855-347-2366 (855-DiscDom) (The old one was 877)
      The extensions remain the same:
      1: North American Sales (Gary Paczosa)
      2. New England Sales and Rentals (Tom Pham)
      3. International sales (Patricia Reiff)
      4. Customer service / billing (Andrea Palermo)
      5. Software support (Colin Law)

      Secondly, our web service provider moved us from an increasingly unreliable server to a brand new one.
      We were offline most of the weekend getting that move accomplished.
      The good news is, we're back online with our websites DiscoveryDome.com and e-Planetarium.com (Identical content).
      Unfortunately, the old phone number is still on some of the pages... I'm scrubbing as fast as I can.

      I apologize to anyone who has tried to reach us over the past few days and has gotten bounced emails or dead phones.
      We are back!! Please try again if you have tried to reach us recently... we don't want to miss your contact!

      Please note, though, if you ever have trouble reaching us, our web request form is available 24/7

      We also have a third website, http://www.spaceupdate.com

      You now reach the previews of all our shows (widescreen and fisheye) and the online store through it:
      http://www.spaceupdate.com/?planetarium_shows.html is the listing and previews (fisheye and widescreen) of all our shows
      http://www.spaceupdate.com/store/ Is where you can purchase equipment, shows, and show DVDs

      All our shows (full-length) are now available on DVD for personal or preview use. They are now in widescreen in higher quality (only three shows per DVD instead of four) - we have 7 DVDs now in English (20 shows) and two DVDs in Spanish (8 shows), with two more Spanish shows in progress (Dinosaur Prophecy, We Choose Space).

      We will be having demos of several of our technologies at IPS:
      1. 3D content on the dome using normal 3D blue-ray players and using MediaWarp 3D software (Windows only)
      2. controlling Mediashow using an ipad (Mac only)
      3. WorldWide Telescope (free!) controlling using a joystick and NEW Kinect (Windows only)
      4. Stellarium scripts (Mac/Windows)
      5. Showing non-fulldome content using a mirror - Mediashow 101 and 102
      6. The latest new, more affordable, fisheyes from Elumenati

      As always, our hardware customers under service contracts get discounts on shows AND first dibs on these training sessions!
      Let us know which training sessions you are interested in so I can set up a schedule to accommodate everyone.

      Note, with our new 3D projector coupled with the Newtonian2, our Discovery Dome system is now four theaters in one!
      1. Fulldome movie content
      2. 3D movie content (not fulldome)
      3. flatscreen content (bounce on just a part of the dome, manually or using mediashow)
      4. interactive explorations (WorldWide Telescope, Ghosts of Tikal, ISS Explorer, etc)

      See you in Baton Rouge! (and/or CAST and ASTC this fall)

      Patricia Reiff, PhD
      President, MTPE Inc.
      (855) DISCDOME [347-2366] Ext. 3
      "A Woman-Owned Small Business"
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