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DF12 Science Storytellers Reel

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  • deebee
    Hey all, We ve been getting some questions regarding DF12 s Science Storytellers Reel, so here s a bit more on the new program. On content, any STEM-oriented
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      Hey all,

      We've been getting some questions regarding DF12's Science Storytellers Reel, so here's a bit more on the new program.

      On content, any STEM-oriented (single subject or interdisciplinary) messages are welcome and can be approached from any rhetorical vantage-point: didactic/dialectic lessons, historical/social/political/philosophical contextualization, advocacy for change, celebrating the aesthetic of nature/science/math, etc. So take on what you will, be it adapting one of Feynman's 'pieces' or Einstein's thought experiments, espousing the need for continuing human space exploration or curbing carbon emissions, making data or math pop visually, presenting a cultural view of science, et cetera infinitas.

      In a word, we're hoping you'll share your passion and expertise in the broad and fertile field of STEM as you want to tell your story and depict your vision. Getting the science right, of course, will be a lynchpin for the jury and you'll need to have usage right for any assets you employ.

      On production, submissions must be rendered from your realtime system; that is, all scripting/timeline-building, lighting and camera moves, asset integration, etc must be done with your system. Delivery must be an image sequence using the same specifications as the open reel competition (below). You may import data, images, models, and other assets to your system as part of the production. Also, if you're using your realtime system to create experiences that are more artistic or entertainment-oriented, that work should be submitted to the open show.

      Hope that helps, but please keep the questions coming. dbeining@...

      DF12 submission specifications:

      • No watermarks or logos in viewable images.
      • No titles or credits within piece.
      • Maximum length is 5 minutes.
      • Audio and video must match in length (Audio samples for every frame and a frame for every audio sample.)
      • Image files must adhere to the following parameters:
      4096x4096 pixel resolution, square pixels
      30fps, 24 bit-color, .PNG file format
      name + underscore +5 digit file name convention. Ie. filename_00001.png
      Include SMPTE and frame counter burn-ins outside dome-viewable region
      A frame for every audio sample (and audio samples for every frame)
      Cue frames at start and end(see below)
      • 6 channel sound (all channels must be included even if empty) in this sound format:
      48Khz, 24bit, uncompressed codec, .WAV file format
      An audio sample for every frame (and a frame for every audio sample).
      Sound cue point at start and end (see below)
      • Sound & picture sync point at clip's start with the following format:
      10 frames black, 1 white frame with sound "ping" for sync, 10 frames black
      • Submission must include completed MOU
      • Delivered on external hard drive; Preferred: USB3.0, FW800, eSATA.  Also USB2.0 or FW400. Inc. power.

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